Saturday, 20 June 2015

Spoilt rotten....


Hello wonderful friends!!!
Gosh well .... It's not actually my birthday until tomorrow... Ha ha if you know me you know my crazy family too!! See we never seem to do things properly. Ha ha 

My mum started this off, see she phoned just a moment ago and said she would be round... She brought a cake!! Oh not a normal cake, see I cannot eat cake right now due to what's going on with my stomach.... Cake is just too heavy.  But my being my mum thought outside the box this year and brought around the most amazing birthday cake for me.  And why today your thinking?? Well seeing as tomorrow is Sunday dad and I are off to bingo!!

So mum brought the cake today!!


How AMAZING is that!! Yes it's a massive prawn cocktail!! I love love love prawns and well it was perfect and light on my stomach too.  Han was ha ha not impressed and asked my mum to make her one on her birthday! Ha ha. But I did say I would share it with her!!

So then we moved into birthday mode and Oooh I got more goodies!! 

My parents bought me a new jacket.... Ha ha I needed one as nothing fits me anymore! Yes due to the weight loss!! It will be delivered next week to my home, I know what it looks like, ha ha I chose it!! So when it comes I will show you all a photo :)

Here are the cards...





Han is so cheeky!...


And look what Han got me.... I have been after one of these for ages!!
Lovely paper...


To have my yummy cold summer drinks in.... And I cannot spill it!


And jon, well he's been a darling and got me some AMAZING things too...
He remembers things I have said ooooh that's pretty or Oooh I like that then squirrels money away to get them for me!! 


Yes it's true I stitched JUNE already, he gave it me early as I wanted something different to stitch... But I had no idea he bought the others!! AWESOME!!


I had my eye on these charts ever since they came out last year!!  And how lovely he bought the threads too for both designs, he said he did that as he knew I did not have them in my stash and just knew I would want to stitch them.  

And yes it's true he already gave me the Octopus's Garden design as he was too excited and knew I wanted to stitch it as I saw it published somewhere! But I did not realise he bought the other one too!! 


Jon also bought me a new storage box to put the threads in....


These 3 amazing designs... See for hmmm a long time now I have been collecting the sheep designs, so I can stitch them all together.  I only needed these 3 to complete the set, so I am over the moon now.

Here is my complete set now.... 


I cannot believe I have them all now!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!! Gosh I am going to be doing a LOT of stitching!! Just as well I am back and loving it again! Thank you jon, your AMAZING!!!!

There you have it!!! Early (well it is tomorrow!) birthday celebrations in this house!! Ha ha told you we never did anything right!  

Oooh don't forget about my giveaway.... When I come back from bingo with my dad I will get jon to draw the winner.  Wish us luck for bingo as its Father's Day and my birthday too.... Would be nice to have a little win!

Happy happy big smiles to all of you :)


  1. Oh my gosh what a cake, love all you new goodies.

    Happy Birthday


  2. Have a great birthday!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. Good luck at bingo. I so miss playing it. Love all of your birthday stash.


  4. Wowie zowie! Your were spoiled rotten alright! Good for you.
    Have a wonderful time tomorrow with your Dad.
    You look thinner in your picture Jacquie. I know you have not been to get your hair done in a long time, but it looks great!

  5. Happy Birthday! You received some wonderful gifts, especially all that stash.

  6. Looks like you have been verrryyyy spoilt already :) Tell Jon to send my DH some tips
    your special cake was just perfect ....
    hope you have a fab day and there will be a little something in the post for you very soon .... will let you know when you can stalk the postie love mouse xxxx

  7. Happy birthday!!!! Good to hear you are being spoilt...nothing better than to make you feel good! Hope you enjoyed bingo!! Jon is a wonderful man to give you such a beautiful birthday present. Love the cake, your Mum did well!

  8. Happy birthday! I'm glad your mom was so creative and you could enjoy your cake! Good luck at bingo win big!

  9. Happy birthday for tomorrow...........have a fab day and I hope you win well at bingo..............I love the cake your Mum made for you..............she can make one of those for me too...............great prezzies.........those cross stitches are going to keep you busy for some time now...............

  10. Lovely creative cake from your mom! I have not had shrimp in such a long time -- my husband is allergic to shellfish so I don't keep it in the house. Enjoy your super spoils of your birthday! Congrats on making it around the sun one more time! :DDD

  11. Fantastic cake, what a clever idea!

    Great Birthday stash too. I hope you got some new needles because they will be wearing out with the stitching!

  12. Wonderful idea for a special cake for you, well done mum.

  13. Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a stash-filled day!


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