Friday, 19 June 2015

Oooooooh it's Friday night... That means....


It's been such a long time.... It feels wonderful to be able to join in again.  Oh I am still quite poorly, but stitching is helping me so much.  When I signed up to this FNSI I was pretty shocked..... Yes shocked!! Ha ha at myself for randomly being selected for the number 21 slot.  Ah ha but this is cool.... Why your wondering?? Well the 21 St just happens to be my birthday! Ha ha and Oooh farthers day here in UK.... as well as the summer solstice/longest day of the year!  WOW!! I know!! Lucky me!! So I thought it rather funny I should choose 21 when signing up!

It's Friday night now and well what with all the various time zones I thought I would post a photo or two of what I am doing, then maybe post an update a little later over the weekend.

Don't forget to join in the fun on my GIVEAWAY... If your not in it ... You cannot win it! Good luck to you all :) 

I have been rather naughty actually... See jon bought me some WONDERFUL things for my birthday and well I insisted on having one of them to stitch now!! Ha ha and he gave it to me!!

For ages I have had my eye on the new Blackbird designs series about the Beatles.  Oh no I like the Beatles but not wanting them for that reason!! Just because I loved the designs!!

This is one of the wonderful things he bought me ...ha ha for my birthday on the 21st!! And yes he is such a sweetie he bought the threads too, he said he had to as he knew I did not have the colours and I would instantly want to stitch it!!

I am stitching it on grey 36 count raw linen, 2 over 2 with DMC threads.

That is where I am now!! I love the wonderful colors....

Happy stitching/creating to you all :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)
Smiles :)


  1. Interesting motif and beautiful colors!
    Jon is an excellent husband !!!!!

  2. What a fantastic octopus! How sweet of Jon to get all the threads ready too.

  3. Yay! What a nice gift. I hope you feel better by tonight my friend. Take good care. You want to celebrate your birthday with your family now don't you?!

  4. That is a wonderful gift!! Happy sewing!

  5. wow its beautiful and happy birthday and your hubby is a keeper.xx

  6. Lovely design , and great colours.

  7. Beautiful start, Happy Birthday.


  8. Your stitching looks perfect, lovely design.

  9. That sounds like a GOOD omen to me! Happy Birthday and enjoy the got a good start..haha! How amazing that your man thought to buy the threads too, I am blown away by that!

  10. Lovely gift, and great stitching


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