Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Enjoying stitching....

Hello again happy friends...

Thought I would share with you all my journey so far with my Blackbird design called The Octopus's Garden.  I am stitching is with DMC threads on grey 36 count raw linen, 2 over 2.

It's such a lovely design to stitch.... I love how it appears on my fabric....

I love how all the colours look.... I am thinking that the colours on the chart maybe the Gentle Art threads? I am stitching with all the listed DMC threads, just love the look of them.

This is where I am now... Was going to stitch more today but unfortunately today is not a good day... Feeling rather poorly today :(. I play it by ear on a daily basis... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?

Happy smiles to you all, thank you so much for all your birthday wishes... My birthday was awesome.  And Oooh yes.... For those who won my giveaway, (congratulations) your goodies will be posted out very soon :). For those that entered and did not win this time, fingers crossed you win next time! 

Smiles :) xx


  1. It's beautiful Jacquie! I think what I love best about BD is that their designs always looks amazing when stitched in DMC threads. I was laughing because only Blackbird Designs can cross stitching make an octopus look beautiful - LOL! Hope you will feel better soon.
    ((HUGS)) love Annette

  2. Such a pretty design. Enjoy every stitch. :)

  3. Such a pretty design. Enjoy every stitch. :)

  4. Looks great I love the colours too.

  5. I prefer DMC than overdyed threads for some designs, I just think the colours seem more true and less fussy. There is such a lot going on in this design - it looks great! Congrats to your winners and hope you feel better soon.

  6. Your octopus is looking wonderful!! Hope you are up to stitching tomorrow!

  7. It's growing really well and looking beautiful.
    Have a restful day x

  8. This looks fantastic Jacquie. I hope you are feeling better today my friend.

  9. Octopus is a nice :-)
    I was also liked the color.
    I look forward to continuing :-)

  10. It's a beautiful design and you're doing lovely work on it! I agree, it does look great on that fabric.
    Hope you're feeling better:)

  11. It's so pretty - you have an eye for the cutest things, Jacquie!!

  12. Nice progress Jacquie. Such a cute design.


  13. Love your progress photos. This is such a great fun design and I'm sure you are singing all the time you are stitching!

  14. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful stitching, as always. Get better soon!

  15. Wonderful progress.


  16. Octopus is going to look great when it's finished. Heck, it's looking great right now! Take care, hope tomorrow will be better for you. Keep smiling!

  17. I love your octopus! You are going so fast on it, and it looks great!
    I hope that you will be feeling better tomorrow!


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