Sunday, 21 June 2015

Just had to share this....

Hello wonderful friends.  Today is a really special day for many reasons.... 

It's.... Father's Day here in England..


And it's also my birthday!!



Seeing how it's an extra special day, I wanted to do something different for my dad.  As you all know we are going to bingo today, something we like to do, and do it when we can so we spend time together.  Oh but that is not the special thing....

My dad has always loved my finished cross stitch designs, he has watched me stitch over the years and I have made lots of stitching gifts for him too.  

I was thinking long and hard about doing something different and when a few days ago he mentioned he wanted a new hobby.... Ha ha all the time being retired he wants something to keep him busy!  

So I put a few bits together .... Yes stitching bits!! And thought hmmmm maybe he will be up to learning to stitch?  Well it's something different!! 

I was going to wait until Father's Day, but I was just too excited about sharing this with him I introduced it to him the day before!!  I did want to take all the bits around their home, but they ended up coming to my home, it was easier!! ... Gave it to my dad and and well!! My mum just looked at me, and my dad.....  Loved the idea!! Phew!!

So I got him started.... Told him the basics.... 

Showed him one of my magazines, Cross Stitch see the stitches...

I threaded the needle... Ha ha 

  And off he started to stitch, after naturally I put the first few stitches in!!

    I thought by stitching it on blue it would be easier for him...

The only problem was that he kept forgetting which way the stitches went!! I frogged a few stitches for him but all in all the few hours he stitched for he did pretty well.  And he actually enjoyed it...said it was quite calming!! 

He was really proud of what he managed to stitch, yes I admit I helped with the back stitching, he did not quite get the hang of that!! But it's early days, I think he's amazing!!


He was laughing here, as I said he was not having acess to my stash!! 

Here is a close up of what he stitched!! I wish, oh how I wish when o started my stitches were as neat as that!! I tell you all he is a natural!!

Note the little red half cross in the left corner.... This was to remind him which way the stitches went!!


He enjoyed it, and said he will finish this for Christmas, doing a little here and a little there!! For me I think k it's totally awesome and really nice to have another family member that can stitch!

I still cannot believe he actually stitched and did a great job of it!!

Have a lovely day everyone....

I will be back later with my giveaway winner/s.....

Smiles :)


  1. Bravo a ton papa!c'est génial!c'est son nouveau hobby.
    Bonne journée a lui.
    "Le bonheur est au bout du fil"

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY............what a great thing to teach your Dad..........I know some men have taken up tapestry..........

  3. Wow Jacquie what a lovely story,and happy birthday,hope you had a lovely day xx

  4. Yeahhhhh love mouse xxxx

  5. Happy Birthday! He did a great job! Looking forward to seeing it when he finishes.

  6. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day with your father:-)

  7. Happy Birthday dear Jacquie! :D This is great! I love that you taught your Dad to stitch. What a fine job he has done too.

  8. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!
    Your dad is adorable, and quite the stitcher:)

  9. Happy Birthday, Jacquie! And what a great gift to give your dad - sharing your love and passion for stitching. Hope you continue to share his progress and stitching pieces on your blog.

  10. How awesome to see your dad stitching. I hope he sticks with it and sits and stitches with you.


  11. He did a great job! My uncle and aunt are the only two who asked me to make stuff for them. He chose a cool grizzly design I have yet to start lol. Happy Father's Day to dad and happy birthday to you! Have fun!

  12. Happy Birthday! Love that you showed your dad how to stitch. Hope he sticks with it! There seems to be a lot less stigma about men stitching over there.

  13. What fun!! I think it's great that your Dad has joined in with your hobby. There are a few men around but not many!

  14. Happy birthday wishes.... well done dad, quite a few men stitch.

  15. that is just too cool! What a wonderful thing to share with your Dad!

  16. Happy belated birthday, Jacquie, and enjoy all your wonderful gifts that will keep your busy for a while, I think, lol. So great that your Dad has started stitching as well.

  17. What a fabulous idea! Way cool that your dad is stitching!!!
    Belated Happy Happy Birthday sweet Jacquie! love Annette


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