Thursday, 11 June 2015

Undecided.... Maybe I need help! Ha ha

Hello lovely happy smiley friends....

Oh I am thrilled to be here!  It's almost a week I have been out of hospital! Yeah!! I am having good days and bad days, but that is only to be expected I guess.  Stitching has been a great comfort to me whilst trying to recover, getting back to normal is what I want more than anything.

I have been doing a few things... Small bits and bobs, look I now have a out tray for post!! Ha ha 

It's the blue fabric basket on the top!  And look oh yes post to go out in it!! Hmmm this will be going very soon I think, just a few more bits to sort out then I will make a trip to the post office :). I am so rubbish at taking photos... Sorry ! 

Ooooh yes!! I must tell you all that I am feeling ever so proud of myself.  Before I left hospital I was told I would have to self inject my fragmin (anti clotting medication) medication as tablet form are not efficient enough for me.  It's something I have to do to make sure I don't let my body 'make' more blood clots in my lungs, and it's apparently easy for that to happen now as I have plenty of scarring in my lungs from the twice I have had multiple blood clots.  So I have had to learn to do this... To be honest knowing this is saving my life I just do it!  The hardest thing is getting the lid off the injection... It's taken me forever to manage how to do this as I have been frightened of it breaking when pulling the lid off!  So this is why I feel proud... GO ME!! Because I have managed to cope with this and take the lid off now myself!!  Incidentally, I don't feel it when I do inject, it's in my tummy..ha ha lots of padding there not to feel it!! But hey, like I say it's keeping me alive, over time I guess it will just become the norm, I hope!

A wonderful photo now to share with you all... My sharps box (for my used needles) ... It's in my stitching corner, so I know where it is!!

And yes it's huge!! I think maybe the next one I get I will ask for a smaller one! Ha ha 

So I guess you all want to see what I have been stitching!?  To be honest I have tried to pick stitching up, put in a few stitches then .... Nope! Not feeling it so put it away... But I will not give in!! I want to stitch, it's just finding the 'right' thing for me to stitch now I guess?!

So here is what I have tried then put away... For another day I guess...

Yes my lovely Blue Ribbon design, 'Find Your Happy Place'.... I WILL finish this one day!

I only have the border to do then it's finished.... So here look I started it!!

Then... Omg, I found this, sweet jon bought this erm.... A while ago and I thought Oooh yes stitch a few little things..

So I took out the magazine .....

And made a start...

A little start....

Not sure why I am not enjoying this?  Very unlike me....

It's driving me a little scatty not stitching and liking it, so today I am on a mission to find something I will feel good about stitching!  I am hoping this is just a little phase?  Maybe?

OMG!!! Yes !!! Something really exciting to share with you all!!! Remember this rather lovely design I stitched recently? It's the "Forever Friends" design by Maria Diaz from Cross Stitch Collection magazine.... WELL...... 

I posted it on the magazine FaceBook page and eeeeekk!!! They want to put it in their magazine!! Eeeeeekkkkkk!!! I am really excited!! It's this photo they will put in the magazine...

Must show you all this too, as its rather cool.... Well I think so! Ha ha
A new quilting magazine launched here in UK last year and I had a trial issue.  I took a look at it and thought it wonderful as its full of lots of colourful photos showing how things are done.  I prefer to look at pictures than to read how to do things so it's perfect!  The magazine is called Quilt Now.... Yes that's right a quilting magazine!  Quilting is something that fasinates me, and something I want to do too... I don't really have the space at the moment, but soon I hope!  

When I blog hop around I see what you all are creating and oh my! The quilts are stunning, I want so much to make one... Or two! Ha ha so for now I will collect the magazines.... Yes the magazines.... I keep them all together on a shelf and on,y yesterday noticed they created a picture!  How awesome is that!! H aha ha the more I collect the bigger my wall of cats will grow! 

This post is turning out to be a rather long one.... I have something else rather exciting to share with you all...eeeek and its to do with fabrics!! It's very exciting and I cannot wait to share it with you all.... Will have to wait until my next post I think!  Ha ha keep you all in suspense! Feel free to make a guess if you like, this could be a lot of fun!

While on the subject of fun... I think I am well over due a giveaway too!!  I have no idea when my blogoversary was or is.... So maybe I will make up a new date for that!  Ha ha or mabe I will have a giveaway in my birthday week?  Oh do you know Father's Day here in the UK is held on 21 St June... Ha ha my birthday!  Yes see I was born on Father's Day, and just so happens this year they fall on the same day again... A rare thing... And my birthday is shared with the longest day of the year and Prince William too!!  I am so lucky this year!! Ha aha  

So yes!! My next post is going to be an exciting one!! Stay tuned!! 

Smiles, happy smiles to you all :)


  1. Jacquie, I wish you good health !!!
    Your stitching is beautiful!
    Image of magazines = great :-)
    Jon is a great husband!

  2. Your Blogaversary is 12th January, here's a clue - look at the date of your first post LOL. You could celebrate thirty months of blogging on 12th July!
    I just love the side of those magazines with the picture. Great way to make sure you never miss buying a copy!
    I'll be looking out for your picture in the magazine too.

    1. Oh dear, I am useless!! Hmmm what to do?? Well I could just have a giveaway! That works!! Ha ha
      Smiles :)

  3. Your friends stitch is very lovely. It deserves to be in the magazine. :)

  4. That's so cool congrats! I love when the book covers make pictures lol it's a good way to make money too because if you miss a magazine your picture will be messed up :)

  5. maybe you could start some quilting with English paper piecing.........easy to cart machine required........some quick easy cross stitch finishes might reignite the big projects........

  6. o my gosh those kitty magazines! I have no quilting bug invading me (yet?) but that is so adorable. And lucky you, put into a magazine. You're a star now!

    And you should just have a giveaway whenever you feel like it! I think the birthday excuse is a good one. :D

  7. That's great Friends was picked to be in the magazine, you did such a great job stitching it! I lose my mojo from time to time. I found that looking at blogs helps bring it back but only if you want it back! I have a quilt top of Halloween fabrics that I've ignored for 2 or 3 years, so I dabble in quilts too. I also don't have a lot of room to quilt. I think your upcoming birthday is a great reason for a giveaway!

  8. So happy to read about you, if you get a smaller box for your needles don't forget to keep the big one for your old threads! (ORT ? post will be as getting a revenge on all those health troubles). Take care. Being in the magazine will be great, wish I could buy it here! Hugs

  9. Congratulations on having your stitchery picked for the magazine photo!! Now you will be a sewing celebrity!!! I think chookys idea of english paper piecing is a great one....hexies are the go!!!! I have been working on a hexie quilt for nearly 4 years now....portable and great to pick up and put down when the mood strikes. I am sure the stitching bug will bite when the time is right.

  10. Congratulations on being featured in CSC...I'll look out for it! It's such a sweet stitch. I love the Happy Place one, that pink is so pretty, so I hope your mojo comes back soon.
    Glad to hear you are still on the mend.

  11. Congrats!! Your version is lovely & fully deserves to be featured :)

  12. What a great post - so happy to hear you're better. And CONGRATS for being published in their magazine!! AWESOME, Girl!! Well done -

  13. Lovely stitching and wonderful update! Glad to hear you are home from your hospital stay! Enjoy your weekend.

    Robin in Virginia

  14. how wonderful to be having your work in the magazine.


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