Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tesco Orchard sampling....

Hello friends.... I hope your all well and happy?

I have been wanting to share something quite amazing with you all for some time now... now seems to be the best time, so here goes!!

I belong to an amazing program with one of the top supermarkets here in England.  Those who live in England know it well.... It's Tesco!!! It's known as The Orchard at Tesco, I basically get to try and experience Tesco's services and products, for free or with big savings.  The products I get to sample can be literally anything sold within their stores.  All I have to do, is give my honest opinion about Tesco products.

All this is possible due to me being one of their club card holders.  This sounds amazing right??!! And the best part.... It did not cost me anything to join!!

So far with Tesco I have sampled some amazing products but today I wanted to show you all what I tried with the latest vouchers that were sent to me.

Getting ready for summer there are lots of different fresh fruits, vegetable and salads available now in Tesco.  For me being a vegetarian it was exciting looking at all the products.  I wanted to at least try something I would not ordinarily buy or try....

I opted for.....
Fresh carrots
Spicy sweet fire baby beetroot (Finest food range)
Creamy Ceaser Salad
Vine Tomatoes

It was all packaged really clearly, and looked tasty too!!

I love to experiment and try different foods, but I am also health concious so this was a perfect combination!!

What do I do with it all??
I made the most amazing healthy platter!!
Along with my fresh foods I also bought in Tesco...
Broccoli and tomatoe quiche
Low fat Houmous

All of the fresh products ie, the tomatoes, carrots and salad was amazing, the freshness, taste and look of it, it just wanted me to eat it!!  I seriously enjoyed the Finest range of spicy sweet fire baby beetroot... WOW!! It's delicious and added that extra zing to my healthy platter.

I found everything I bought was reasonably priced and of exceptionally good quality......to be honest value for money too as I can get more than one meal out of it all.  

Positive reflection....Prepackaged salad is not something I go out of my way to buy, but after tasting this Creamy Ceaser Salad I will defiantly buy it again.  The vine tomatoes were delicious and had the most amazing aroma. The carrots were crunchy and had surprisingly a really nice flavor too.  The spicy baby beetroot was the star for me, packed full of flavor and tasted amazing.  All in all yes I would buy these products in Tesco..... 

Negative reflection.... To be honest nothing!! Well ok.... Nothing directly relating to any of the products, I just wish I could of made a review online at Tesco's about the Finest Spicy Sweetfire Baby Beetroot.  It tasted so good,  I wanted to be able to tell more people about it!!

Thank you for reading my review, I hope this encourages you to maybe try new and exciting products in Tesco.

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  1. Great review, better look out for that beetroot....


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