Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hello.... Is it me your looking for?....

Ha ha sorry I have song lyrics stuck in my head!!

Is it me your looking for?!... Ha ha 
I believe it's from a song sung by Lionel Ritchie? 

Well hello!!! Nice to be here!! 
Sorry did you all think I had deserted you again?  Oh I am sorry :(

I have had the worst week far.... Well ok not including the week where I recently died!  But oh it's been an awful week.

I had to call the doctor out, I could not move and I was in some serious pain.  Shooting pains all up and down my left arm and leg, my left knee yes the injured one was almost making me scream with the pain too.  I could barely sit or stand, sleep!! Hmmm that was out of the question!  So this is why I called the doctor out...

I am FED UP seriously now of being ill, I just want my life back and to get on with not being ill!!

Ok, the doctor says I have an inflamed coccyx ... And a trapped nerve or two!  I have not injured myself in any way so I did wonder ?? The doctor says these things just happen sometimes!! The question I have....WHY ME!!! So since her visit I have been on bed rest!  No joke, I have tried so hard to get out of my bed, I mean come on I was bed bound for 4 months I don't want to go back there again.  So to be told I am on bed rest I almost lost the plot.  Yes it's true I became very depressed... I am not out of the woods yet, still lying here in my bed now... It's like I am taking one step forward and five back.   Seriously nothing else can happen to me??

I have been fighting feeling low, trying to keep myself busy... Yes stitching!  But only picked it up again after a few days of not wanting to do anything.  So only have a little update for you.

As you remember I was stitching Octopus's Garden designed by Blackbird designs.... Stitching it on 36 count grey raw linen using DMC threads.

Here is where I left off.. And where I am now...

It's coming along, and I did enjoy stitching today.  I don't actually have a lot to do on it now, so soon it will be finished :)

Something did make me smile....lots .... I recieved a card in the post, from the lovely kind Frances...thank you for cheering me up :)

How cool!!

Frances is so very sweet, she enclosed a cute little Prairie Schooler mini chart .... I love them, Thank You :) xx

Oh yes birthday card... My birthday was on 21 St June... 

Oooh goodness, for those who won my recent giveaway, I have not forgotten about no far from it.  Things are in place for them to be posted next week... Han will be off to the post office!!  

Right I am going now... I think I may do some blog hopping to cheer myself up :)

Smiles until I next pop in!!


  1. Oh no! Well hopefully things go back to normal soon! Smiles :)

  2. So sorry to hear that you are still not has really been one thing after another!
    Glad your card got there to cheer you up!!! Hang in there!

  3. Sorry you are still not feeling at your best. Love the octopus!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday and hoping things pick up very quickly.
    J x

  5. Oh, Jacquie. I noticed you were quiet lately and started to worry about you. I'm so, SO sorry to hear of your ordeal. Take care - chin up! It will get better. This may sound cliche, but "You are Loved"
    Hugs from me to you

  6. Oh my goodness, you have had enough sickness for one year.....time to give it away to someone else!!!I hope the rest fixes this for you and you can continue on with getting better. Loving your octopus under the sea!! Hang in there!!!

  7. Dear Jacquie! I must say, I think you need to get up every hour or so just to move about. NOT sit, as this will hurt your tail bone/coccyx. But you do NOT want clots to form again from the crummy bed rest!!!! This has happened to you twice already. Let us not have a third time! ♥

  8. Oh dear, I do hope things go back to normal soon enough...Beautiful stitching progress! Hugs to you.

  9. Oh, Jacquie, so many diseases, it is up to you! I feel with you!
    Octopus is adorable!
    I wish healing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I know your fed up with all you are going through. I hope you are able to to get up once in awhile just so no more clots form. I am praying for you! Octopus is truly beautiful! Thank goodness at least you have your stitching to pick up when you can. Hugs - love Annette

  11. Octopus is looking lovely. I hope this little hiccup is soon gone and you are back on the mend again,

  12. Oh dear, I think you have used up all your sick days from here until you are eighty!

    The Octopus' Garden is looking lovely though.


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