Friday, 19 July 2013

A day in the garden...

Here are some of the photos Han and I took whilst playing in the sun...

This was on an outing to get 'some' inflatables to play with in the water!  Just look at the temperature!!  HOT!!!

OK so the pool is set up at my parents house... here is one of their cats, trying to cool off..

And OMG their roses are so lovely, fragrant too...

Jon trying to stay cool.... doing some puzzle book!

The pool!! :) Full and ready to be used!

The inflatables we bought for some fun in the sun!

This is me attempting to dive in the pool!  I made it!! :)

Me again doing a back flop! ha ha ha

Pool looks a tad lost in the garden!  Han and I made sure we used all the grass when we were out there!  hahahahah

Han doing some twist thing! :)

Han being Han!!

Han diving in...

We then decided to set up the water slide... (yes the box said for little kids!.. ha ha ha) 

Get set... yes we had to run down the garden to make sure we slid down the slide! I am on the right, Han is on the left.

In mid slide!... it was so funny we both could not stop laughing.

Me getting ready to slide... after I stroked the cat!

Ha ha me just stopped at the end!  Its brilliant, move so quick too!

So much for the buffer at the end to stop me! ha haa ha ha

This is the norm now!  Everyday at my parents house and Han and I enjoying the sun!

I tell you its the day after we did all that and OMG we are both aching!  Our arms feel like lead, probably used muscles we never used before!? 

Ha thought you would like to see my bruise... ha its like no other!! Its OK its fine, It does not hurt!  And its perfectly normal for me too... I bruise very easily!

The light green are my shorts!  And the bruise is literally the size of the top of my thigh! Thankfully when I pull my short leg down it just covers it! 

I will still use the slide again tomorrow! ha haa

We actually had a day in the house today, I know lovely weather and we are inside!! Jon has some kind of man flu.. coughing, and basically looks a bit like death!  Han has gone through a load of after sun lotion!  Her arms and legs are a little red! hmmm  And me, well apart from my bruise I am fine!  Sure I have a little redness but its fine, not sore at all.  

Wait have to cover Han in more after sun!! (its freezing as we keep it in the fridge!)

Food... as for food...

If I am totally honest we are hardly eating!  Not sure if that is a good thing or not...

Yes we are all drinking lots, water, multi-vit drink, ice lollies, orangena.... and Jon with the odd coffee!  I tried a coffee, but its just too damn hot.

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