Monday, 1 July 2013

What I did on the 1 st July 2013...

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I cannot believe its actually July... where has the year gone!!??  Hmmm not long to go until Race For Life :) 

Today I was up early and went to see our fitness friend for a 30 minute workout, and gosh he worked Han and I hard.  We did lots of cardio work today then sit ups and crunches.... we love those!!

Breakfast was 1 of those yummy scone things I made!  mmmmm

The weather was glorious again today so after I did a few things around the house had some lunch.  Had a bit of a mix today!

Small bowl of ranch salad with a smaller bowl of cauliflower broccoli and carrot mix thing (left overs!)

Then went along to out local pick your own farm.  We had no idea what was their to pick, we just fancied walking about the fields picking fresh vegetables and fruit!

This was the view from the field we were stood in!  We actually walked miles! ha ha ha

Han carrying her P.Y.O basket...

We made it to the carrot field!

This is what we had to drag around the carrot field to dig the carrots up!  Hmmm obviously this has been stolen in the think??!!

Yeah!! Actual carrots we managed to dig up!

Onward to the strawberry field!  Notice that sign.... dont eat the strawberries.... yeah right!! ha aha

Some of the yummy strawberries I picked :)

Look!! We picked all these!!

And here we are around my parents house, our bounty!  And my mum liked it so much she claimed half of it!  So that means we will have to make another trip to the P.Y.O soon...

We really enjoyed that walking about the pick your own farm, and the fact that we picked everything fresh was amazing.

Got home and then sat chilled for a bit with a coffee and then washed all the vegetables and fruit.  Then put it together in a dish for dinner!!

Its basically carrots, broccoli and cauliflower with a cheese sauce made with skimmed milk with a little cheese sprinkled on the top.

Tasted really yummy, the vegetables tasted great, with heaps of flavor.  And surprisingly enough it was very filling. 

Early evening now and thought I would do some patchwork... just a little project I am working on!  May even post a photo? 

This is a little tasty snack I had...

Fresh strawberries with flaked almonds.

Another great, positive day over... one day at a time :)

Leave you with this...

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