Monday, 29 July 2013

We all need friends and support...

This is my friend Selina whom I met through studying with the Open University.  We had communicated for some time and even studied on the same courses.

I think looking back we were destined to be friends, we had one huge thing in common... our weight!! We both struggled to lose weight and lacked motivation.

The top photo of us both was taken about the middle of February 2013 when I was passing by her home!  It was when Han and I were on our way back from our mini cruise from Amsterdam... we dropped in and spent a few hours chatting and catching up.  

Selina and I both decided to do something about our weight this year... however we both have very different ways of approaching this.  Selina has done AMAZINGLY and I am so happy for her.  Fasting is what Selina does best, its great how she knows what her body wants.  Me.. I am not so disciplined!  I basically watch what I eat, very low carbs, low sugar and low fat.  All with plenty of exercise.

The exercise we both do is incredible.... I mean incredible, seriously, as before changing our lives we must of been so unfit!! ha ha ha  Selina and I are kindred spirits I think as we love the water and love to swim.  I am at my happiest when in water, I dare say Selina would say the same.  

We have stayed in touch and I have promised to visit her again once I have lost all of my weight... when I can wear my wellingtons!  No doubt it will be a emotional meeting... knowing how proud we both would feel having lost the weight.

I wanted to share this to say that even though I may think I am on this journey all by myself... in reality I do have support and amazing friends around me.  And not forgetting Han who has been my rock :)

One last thing.... Selina you look amazing, I am working hard to get to my goal and one day soon we shall meet up again :)

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