Friday, 12 July 2013

I am BACK!!!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Well I thought I would just post you the photos of what I got up to! ... then tomorrow start blogging what I eat again.  I did not take any pictures of what I ate, I was on a little holiday.  I did still watch what I ate :)

Today went to see our fitness friend and found out that I lost 2 inches from my upper arms!! Oooh bat wings are slowly going!! And 1 and half inches from my stomach!  I also lost weight too!  So it was nice to enjoy my short break and find out I am still on track.

Oh yes..we did stop off at Alton Towers...

This is Han and I on Air... and amazing roller coaster ride...I LOVED IT!!

The new Smiler ride... Han went on as a single rider... there was a 3 and half hour wait other wise!!

Jon with a Smiler bear we won!!

The view from the Sky Rider on our way out...

Then on wards to the Lake District...

OK.. whilst in the Lake District Han and I decided to walk, yes walk up a little hill/mountain! Its the largest thing either of us have walked up!

The start...

The top!...

Me half way up!...

It was very steep in places, hard going...

One of the locals on route!

The view half way up!... almost there...

The top view... we made it!

Taken at the top.. all wind swept!... OH and knackered! 

Thought we had better get another photo... this was on the way back down!

To be honest I still cannot believe that we actually walked up that!!  I must say it did take my breath away several times and yes I did have to stop... but I kept going, and made it to the top.  And OH that felt so so good, knowing I had done it.  Makes me think anything is possible :)

This was from a visit to the Keswick Pencil museum.  Han's favorite place in the whole world!  She loves pens and pencils so this was heaven!

It was a very interesting place to visit, and a lovely little coffee shop their too.  Needless to say Han left with a bag full of goodies!!

OH us!! 

Han took these other photos out and about, thought I would share them as they are really good :)

OK so you know how Han and I get about a bit.... well yesterday (11th July 2013) we were in London!  We had to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, Han is having treatment there for a bony growth on her head.  She had a CT scan and we are now waiting to hear when she will go back to remove all of the growth.  Just before Christmas this year she had a biopsy and stayed at Great Ormond Street Hospital then.  That is when we found out its bone and nothing else sinister.  They have no idea why it keeps growing, it just does... Han copes with it really well and is very aware of it.  She cannot wait to have it removed, she keeps banging her hair dryer on it!
This was Han on her last visit... she is hoping to go onto Koala ward again.  Will let you know when we know!

OK so after GOSH we then went to Madam Tussauds...

Look here are a few people who we bumped into... ha ha

Looked how packed it was!

Whilst looking for the photo's I came across some 'old' pictures and thought I would share them.. for a giggle!! 

What on earth do we look like!! I messed my hair up for this photo.. it was just before it all got cut off!
This is the after!! ha ha

Just us two larking around again!!!... not long after all hair off!

Ooooh a real blast from the past!!! Me on the right!! I think this was for my 21st!! eeeekkkk

Eeeek I dont like this one either!  It was taken when I was about 23/24.
Me now!! So much better!!!

Hope you had a giggle or two?!

Back to normal tomorrow... with posting my meals.  

Sunday is Race For Life... exciting stuff... hope I manage to do the 5K?  

Thanks for coming back! :)


  1. Glad to see you back, after a good break! I'm sure you'll do well in the 5k - you did more than that on your uphill walk!
    Ruth C

  2. Thanks Ruth :) I can hardly believe how quick its come around, 5K tomorrow!!! eeeekkkkk

    The weather is set to be a scorcher so no doubt I will melt! Its going to be the longest distance (measured) that I have ever walked at any one time.

    And yes I think walking up the hill/mountain gave us a bit of practice! Heat endurance!!

    Looking forward to it.. I will post again after the Race For Life... that is if I manage to complete it!! ha ha

    Fingers crossed! :)


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