Saturday, 27 July 2013

What I did today Saturday 27th July 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Ha ha ha ha ha...

Today is a rather slow day... meaning I am not up to much!  A kind of relaxing day if you like!  
I was up the crack of dawn, why I am not so sure?  Started the dinner... see its mince 'something' and I only eat mince if its been cooked for hours in the slow cooker to make it soft.  I know I am strange!  Its some kind of 'trial' thing for dinner this evening!  ha ha whats new there!!  This is what we are having later.... not sure if it will look like this though!

(the actual box in my kitchen!)

I was not hungry this morning... had a coffee :)

Lunch time I ate something really tasty, scrambled egg with peppers.  I loved it, never thought of doing that before, it was Han's idea!  She takes all the credit for that! :)

I again made that yummy water drink I just cannot get enough of!  Yes, cucumber, lemon and lime with ice and water.

I have also been drinking the Tassimo mint green tea, its really yummy too :) 

Gosh its actually raining outside!  Well not the thunder or down pour the news promised but equally nice... cleared the air a bit as its very 'close/muggy' out there.

I am in a happier frame of mind today..a more positive one :)


Ha ha it turned out nothing like the box!  But tasted OK :)

what I left, I just could not eat all of it...

It was VERY filling.... so I knew if I took one more bite that would be one bite too many!  So I stopped eating.

Funny I think that now I know when enough is enough... when previously I had no clue.  I surprise even myself most of the time!

Like I say I am relaxing today.. I have been doing some sewing.. may post a picture of it tomorrow :)

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