Sunday, 14 July 2013

What I did on Sunday 14th July - Race For Life ...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

Today was Race For Life day... Han and I were very excited about this.  We arrived well in advance and could hardly believe the amount of people that was there.... thousands!!

Just a few in the park before it all started.

Han and I just about to pass the start... all dressed up in pink!

This is us both just passed the finish line... we did 5 K in 1 hour exactly!  A very hot day... 

Look... Team Morris..that's us!! my butterfly wings... and my medal...

I am very proud of this...

We both enjoyed it and are really surprised it only took us 1 hour!! Jon thought about 1 and half hours!  Ha ha ha love it!! We got to the half way mark and thought OMG really!! Then from somewhere I am not sure of.. we both then started to jog!  Jog!! I know!! We are just mental!!  We were walking a bit and then jogging... it worked.. but OH it was damn hot.

Not sure I like the photos... bat wings and all as they say!! Oh but 2 inches smaller!! ha ha ha  Our T-shirts were actually too big for us, but we wore them anyway!  

We have started this now so have decided to do it again next year!!  I loved the support from the general public who were lining the route along the sea front.  Its amazing to see people come out and support those walking, jogging and running.

So as I am now literally dog tired I will commence my normal blog again starting tomorrow!  ....promise! :)

Just a lovely day.

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  1. Congratulations to you both - you did really well in that heat!


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