Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What I did on the 2nd July 2013...

How cool is this...
(Borrowed from Google Images)

I saw this and thought...hmmm yes my kind of fast food!  Brilliant who ever did this :)

Breakfast I wanted something light so ate the last of the fresh strawberries we picked at the pick your own farm.  I sprinkled almond flakes on too...

Then went out and about with Han, we joined a local craft group and well spent 3 hours chatting and making things!  I made a card for my parents Anniversary... the first one I have ever made.

Then we had to go for a spot of lunch and coffee...naturally!! Decided to go to the Range as not been there in ages... and they have such pretty things.

Opted for a brown bread toasted sandwich with tuna, and a little garnish...

We then decided to go to Hobbycraft seeing as how we were both in the crafting mood!  Walked about their shop looking at all the nice things and wishing we had a spare £1000 to blow! ha ha ha 

Evening dinner had been cooking away all day as I had prepared it this morning and put it in the slow cooker!  It was going to be chilli... I had an awful lot of peppers to use up so they ALL went into the chilli! 

I also added mixed beans for a bit of variety, and put it all on top of  chopped sweet potato's.

I find by putting chilli on top of sweet potato's a good idea as they help take away some heat. They are sweet and to me they complement the chilli really well, better than rice or pasta.  Saying that though I do have brown pasta and brown rice so could of chosen them!   Prefer sweet potato's :)

Feeling really good, its strange because I dont feel as hungry these days... I am trying to watch everything I eat... taking healthy options where I can.  Amazing considering that I used to literally stuff my face all day!  Gone are those days!!!  Thinking about it, I dont miss crisps, I do eat the odd square of really dark strong chocolate now and then.  I used to be so addicted to jelly sweets... not one do I eat now!  I see them now as sugar drops as basically that is what they are!  OMG and coke!  I was SO addicted to diet coke and pepsi max.... yes they are the light versions but the amounts I was drinking every day could not of been good?!  I guess it was anything between 3 and 6 litres or 8 to 12 cans a day!! OMG!! And now.. I just dont drink it!  I may of bought a few little bottles when out and about, but never actually drank them as its a habbit I need to get out of... the drinking I have stopped, I just need to train myself not to buy them now! 

Looking back at how far I have come already is shocking... how I have changed my eating habbits and doing exercise too!  

GO ME!!!!

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