Thursday, 18 July 2013


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I could blame the weather...

After Race For Life something happened, my mum was rushed into A&E as she had another heart attack.  I have actually lost count now of how many she has had.  Not long ago she did have a pace maker fitted, with the hope that it would help her.... nope!  Apparently one of the wires that goes to the left side has moved and the pace maker is not working to its full potential.  So now we wait to see what they will do.... remove it and try again or try to manipulate it into position?  

Please dont worry my mum is now out of danger and back at home... phew!  She has an appointment to see her cardiologist on the 24th of this month.  So fingers crossed something gets done.

So apologies for not blogging but I had my mind on 'other' things.  

What is with this weather?? Its SO damn hot!  Yesterday I had to go out and buy a pool!  I put it up at my parents house.. for a few reasons... to be there if they needed me, and their garden is huge and flatter than mine!  So Han and I will be going round every day, for the pool!! And today we are having a BBQ as its so damn hot and no one feels like eating.

I will take some photos today and post them later.

OH... this page is the worst yet... whats with the no color?? Need a sudden influx I think!

(Borrowed from Google Images)

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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