Monday, 29 July 2013

What I did on Monday 29 th July 2013...

(Borrowed from Google Images)

I saw this and liked the words... so here it is! :)  

Monday .. thought today was going to be a bit more active than yesterday.. hmmmm

So took Han round her friends, then came home and did some sewing... (sorry not a good photo as the blinds were drawn in the room and everything is tinted light green!)

This is my project and as you can see I have a fair bit still to do!  I enjoy sewing, I find it calming and when I get into it everything around me just stops.

I had an interesting breakfast today!  As you will see from the photo!!  Ah well I tried everything to turn this photo around and it just would not.. so adds to the strangeness I think!

A small tin of pasta in tomato sauce with 4 wholewheat cracker bread with light Philadelphia.

Lunch was cracker bread with light Philadelphia spread in between, like sandwiches!

Dinner was roasted sweet potato and carrots with green bean, broccoli and fish.

Now today I must of had the taste of cracker bread because it looks like I could not get enough of it!! ha aha

I think my dinner looks HUGE... but broken down its just veg!  Oh and a small piece of fish.

Han just showed me something we had forgotten about...

When both Han and I were in London recently, whilst in Victoria train station she got interviewed... the link is what she did!!!  :)

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