Friday, 26 July 2013

What I did today 26th July 2013....

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I thought this picture was apt as I have some really exciting news to tell you.... I went on the Wii this morning and weighed myself... bearing in mind I have stopped weighing myself weekly and now doing it about once a month.


I am another 1 stone down!!! OMG!!! I seriously cannot believe it!  Well OK maybe can as practically ALL of my clothes are falling off me!!  

Yesterday afternoon I was rooting through my drawers and found the lovely wine colored trousers I bought in Amsterdam at the start of the year... hmmm I put them on and thought they are a bit loose!  I zipped and buttoned them and then pulled them down to my ankles without undoing them!!  It was crazy.. but me being me I left them on and walked around the house!  And Han thought I had finally lost the plot!  It did feel good though, knowing I had lost weight enough that it was showing in the clothes I was wearing!  And OMG when I bought them they were snug, but I liked them!! OH well cannot wear them now!! ha ha ha

I am feeling REALLY happy and its just what I needed to be honest.

I should explain myself as to why I have not been blogging for a little while... hmmm well it seems I hit that wall, the wall of doubt, lost my self belief and thought I was doing no good.  Hence why I posted the photos the other day!  I guess I was looking for the shock factor or something?  I dont know why but I was looking at giving up... not that I wanted to give up, not at all... its just so damn hard.  OK so I knew it was not going to be easy.. I knew it was going to take a long time... yes I knew all that!  BUT.... OMG seriously, it gets to you.  You will not know what I am talking about unless you yourself have tried to lose a substantial amount of weight.

This blog has been niggling me, its been there for me to just write and get things off my chest.. its one place where I can actually be me... you all know why I am here, I know why I am here!  I dont have to pretend who I am or what I look like.. this was one thing I did not want.  I think, I believe that I have kept to this and been open and truthful in everything that I have done.  You need to be to be able to accept that you need to lose weight and do something about it.  I accepted the challenge and OK so I have had some massive hurdles... but I am still here!!!  I am NOT a quitter!!!

So there you go... that is why I have not been here for a few days!  I need to start believing in myself again :)

OK so your probably wondering what I have been eating...

My salad yesterday! mmmm

I had to show you it as Jon (other half) says its a work of art on a plate!

I have been drinking this... its cucumber, lemon and lime.. I LOVE IT!!!  I drink LOADS of it.

Also been drinking this... Tassimo mint green tea.

Eating today...

Small tin of Dora the Explora pasta shapes in tomato sauce.  X3 wholewheat crackers (from Ikea) with Light Phillidelphia.

In the evening I was far too hot to eat, so carried on drinking my lovely flavored water and ate a few more X4 more whole wheat crackers with light Philidelphia.  That was actually enough.

I am not really bothered that I did not eat a lot... if I am hungry I will know it!! And well I have a 'meal' planned for tomorrow so its OK :)

This is me.... taken today!  In Hans bedroom! 

Smile, smile and smile!! I am still hanging in there and WILL lose this weight... 

Watch this space!!!! :)

(Borrowed from Google Images)

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