Sunday, 30 June 2013

what I did on the 30 th June 2013...

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A nice relaxing day they said!...hmmmm well I was up the crack of dawn, Han and I met my dad and went for a wander around a car boot at 8 am this morning!  We walked for near 3 hours around the whole place.  The sun was out and OMG it was hot.  I was not after anything in particular.. well I wanted to see if I could find a lamp shade for the hall way.  After walking around and looking at every stall..nothing!!  Han was happy as she expanded her DVD collection... she collects actors she likes and then the films they are in.  Dad, well he just looks about!  Its a fair old walk so a good bit of exercise.

And what did I eat for breakfast... one of those yummy scone things I made yesterday!  I really like it with the dried strawberries and dried cherries and flaked almonds and dark chocolate chips in.  A nice energy boost on a morning. 

Whilst walking around the car boot in the heat its times like that I think OMG I need to get rid of the weight I have.  I mean I would be wearing shorts... I must admit being large in the summer is no fun at all.  Keeping cool and still a bit fashionable is near impossible!  I feel it more for Han as she is very self conscious of her arms and very rarely takes off her jackets, even if its scorching outside.  Its true I too have massive arms, but if your hot the need is there to wear short sleeves.  And in the past yes I have had strange looks and comments made to me... but what do you do?  Grin and bear it... ignore people?  I try to hold my head up and carry on, letting people get to me is a recipe for disaster.  Sometimes I wish those people making the comments or the ones that stare, I wish they could spend a bit of time living my life, day to day struggle with weight and clothing.  Then I think they would not be so quick to comment or stare.  But that is never going to happen...

Its so easy to put weight on, no matter what I eat... so very very hard to get it off.  

Moving on.. lunch, yes food!! ha ha  So I wanted something light, as its hot today.  Opted for a mixed salad and a fresh chicken breast.  

I bought a whole chicken and I have a breast as that is all I will eat off it!  Han has the other breast and then Jon eats the rest!  Perfect!!  

Not sure what we are having for dinner later?  I fancy some vegetables.. broccoli, cauliflower and maybe some petite pois with sweet potato's?  Hmmm thinking!  

Let me start by letting you know where I got the inspiration for this evenings experiment!  Well I joined the most amazing support group for people that are trying to lose weight.  And the mexican 'rice' was one of their recipes.  I just added 'other' bits...

Its shredded cauliflower with onion, garlic and chilli powder, mixed together with broccoli and carrots. 

I really love it, its tastes so yummy.. you may see this pop up an awful lot!! Its a really healthy choice, better than actual rice.  And when its all mixed together it looks like rice!  An illusion as it goes really really well with what ever you add it to! And OMG... what can I add to it.... oooh more experimenting!! 

So as you know we popped into Tesco earlier and well thought I would show you the photo of the boot I took.  See Han is a strange child... I opened the boot when we parked up outside our home to this...

I think it really funny, everything laid out just like a jigsaw.  And notice the attention to detail with all the labels facing the right way!!  She is priceless!  Funny though :)

Feeling happy and smiley... hope you are too :)

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