Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014... A NEW YEAR

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So here we are ... 2014 already! GOSH!!

Happy New Year to all you lovely people out there :)

2013 had its moments and I would like to thank you all for sticking with me :)

Lets reflect on 2013... What a year!
I started my journey knowing I wanted to finally lose weight.  The year has been interesting...I have had a few spanners thrown in slowing my progress down.  But have tried my hardest to stay with it.  Sure I am human and have not 100% stuck to this... no point telling fibs.  Its been hard most of the time... I have controlled my cravings now, this is a big thing.  I no longer shovel huge amounts of food in... I am I say more aware of what I am eating.  On a more conscious level I guess I am more aware of food, it no longer rules my life, I am in control.  So yes ups and downs for 2013... I know at the start I said I wanted to lose stones and stones.. I think I actually said half my body weight! ha ha FOOL!!  I have realized its so easy to say these things, very hard to follow through.  2013 has not been a flop, not at all.  Its not been a disappointment either.  I am very proud of what I have achieved so far... 

Dropped dress size from size 32+ to 22/24... and still dropping :)
Fingers smaller so none of my rings fit and had to have replacements!
Ha ha and all my clothes dont fit!  Am slowly replacing them for smaller ones!
Happier within myself... well ok getting their slowly!
Love yes love exercising!(shocker!)
More things I bet... cannot think right now

I still have a knee injury... I have realized now its something I am going to have to learn to live with.  I am attending regular physio/hydro sessions to help.  I just have to go slightly slower thats all!  Taking the physio treatment very seriously because if I push myself too much I will do a bigger injury.  Its the 2nd January and as from tomorrow...3rd... I will be back in the swimming pool.  I am and will just be walking up and down, resistance training as my physio calls it!  I cannot swim as the bending movement through my knee is too much at the moment.  Its all about making my knee stronger... so this is what I am going to do.  Its going to be tough but I will stick with is at this year I will get to wear the wellingtons I have only dreamed about. 

If I lose the weight I lost in 2013 in 2014 I will be over the moon... and on track to feeling amazing.  Slow but steady is the key :)

My target this year is to faithfully do exercise at least a minimum of 2 times a week.  Now this is the minimum like I say... I ideally want to do more.  With my gym membership I want to get my monies worth and use the facilities.  So I hope to at least go an exercise in the pool daily... I know it helps in many ways.  For me, my well being as it makes me feel happier and gets me out.  And is helping me get my knee stronger as well as burning calories! win win!!  And that target starts tomorrow :)  I will keep in touch to let you know how I am doing ans feeling.

2014 is going to be a GREAT year... I know it :)  Watch this space :)


  1. You have done brilliantly. May 2014 be just as successful for you!

  2. You are very inspiring Jacquie. Very well done on a brilliant achievement so far. This year will be a year of better if not equal achievement and a better year overall. Keep going. :)


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