Monday, 2 March 2015

Oh My!! What an eventful 2 days!!.......

Hello wonderful friends...
Gosh where do I start??
Ok.... Sunday...

It was going oh so well too!  Around 11 am is when I guess it all started... I got out of bed, ha ha don't do that often! Only to use the marvellous commode at the end of my bed.  Let me tell you it's worth it's weight in gold since my knee has been playing up.  So anyway... I went to stand up, my body was forward but apparently my leg was facing left.... As I stood up I pulled the ligaments in my knee!(I know this now as its what the hospital say!) I tell you what else can go wrong!! I managed to make it, just to the commode and back to bed.  But laying in bed my pain went through the roof, I was very uncomfortable and nearly screaming with pain.  My husband, yes the lovely jon... He phoned the paramedics and they sent an ambulance out.  They assessed me as agreed to take me to hospital to get the pain under comtrol.

In accident and emergency they made me comfortable, gave me a morphine slow release injection .... This is great and I am going to ask my own doctor for it!  And they put a cannula in to take blood and administer things...


Ha ha and they actually gave me a cup of tea!! I had to take a photo of the wonderful cup and saucer.... Hmmmmm

If your not familiar, NHS stands for National Health Service, I think the logo is on the cups and saucers to stop people taking/borrowing them to take home?!!! Oh but isn't it just lovely??!! Ha ha ha

So uh huh.... Was in accident and emergency, they say they want to keep me in over night to make sure they control my pain.  Hmmm thank goodness I could not of coped with being admitted again.  So got wheeled around to the CDU, Clinical Decision Unit... And spent the night there.  I kind of cat napped through out the night.  I think it's all the strange noises?  Then thank goodness the hospital organized transport home for me... I went home in an ambulance!  So yes I am now back home... Ha ha in my bed!!! 

I do have one more medication now to take on top of the ones I already take.... I am fine, dosed up and relaxed.  So yes a pulled ligament on top of my severe osteoarthritis!! What ever next??? Nothing I hope!!!

As you can imagine I have not done that much stitching... Oh but managed some... So I would like to share it with you all now.

Remember is the wonderful Blue Ribbon Design called "Five Houses Of Hope" stitched on 18 count home dyed fabric using DMC threads....

I am still working on between sleeping!  When I came home I fell asleep for about 4-5 hours... I obviously needed the sleep!

So now home again... It's back to stitching!  

Hope your all well and happy... Oh I am happy, happy to be home!!

Smiles to you all, until tomorrow....  Xxx


  1. Well not the weekend fun I was expecting you to have. :-/ You would think that with the bionic leg, it would have stopped you from pulling all those ligaments... I love that they gave you tea, we're lucky to get water. Lol. The stitching is so pretty though. I love that tree! It continues to look fantastic with the fabric as well.

  2. The NHS runs on tea LOL. It's a complete cure-all.
    Sorry you had to visit yet again, they will be saving a bed especially for you at this rate. Glad you are home now thought, hope the ligaments heal soon.
    On a brighter note, the stitching is looking lovely.

  3. Oh my goodness..what are you like? I never found the morphine helped the pain..just made it so I didnt care lol. Please, please be careful missus or we will all have to come round and make sure you all look after yourselves.

  4. Oh my goodness - what more can happen to you, sweet Jacquie?! I'm so glad Jon was there and the ambulance could take you to the hospital - and get some control over the pain. Take care of yourself - your stitching is lovely….

  5. Oh, my you are having a time of it aren't you, I must send you some good luck so you can get better soon. I hate to hear how you keep hurting yourself. We don't get a thing when we go to hospital. Glad you got a hot tea and a place to rest and a ride home. Please be careful, I only want to see your stitching and not hear that you've hurt some other part of your body. Just rest and stitch. Sending lots of big hugs to get you well.Lynda Ruth

  6. Oh my dear. I am so very sad to learn it is the ligaments. I hope and pray it is different in the knee than in the hip joint. A pain doctor told me 10 years ago that my ligaments in my hip are stretched and I am "hosed". Not kidding. I am glad you are able to take morphine. I am allergic to it. You should do very well on it. ♥

  7. Oh my just never ends for you!!! I hope you'll get through this, too!! You are gonna be one strong person when all of this is over!!!!!
    I do wish you the best and hope this is the final episode of drama/agony for you!!!! <3

  8. I'm so sorry to read that you're not doing well - any kind of arthritis is perfectly horrid and ought to be outlawed. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Sorry about your pain. Glad you are home. Your stitching is looking beautiful:)

  10. Glad you are home..thinking of you so much..
    Sweet stitching xx

  11. You poor poor thing, what an ordeal. I hope you are starting to feel a little better now.
    Your stitching is lovely!

  12. Oh my are in the wars again!!! Take care and look after yourself and keep stitching!!!

  13. Sorry to hear if your setback. Get better soon. Xx


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