Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Who visited me today????

Oh my!! Erm... Hello!! 
Do you wonderful people want to know who actually visited me today?? I could make you all guess?!!! Ha ha that is just mean!  
It was shocking!!


A darn frog!! Herbert the frog!  I gave him that name as he stayed for quite a while!  Thankfully I have sent him packing... So let me know if Herbert pops in on you!!

And now I bet your wondering what on earth have I been frogging? Hmmmm let me tell you all!  Well I was looking at me stitching this morning, thinking oooh not a lot left to do .... When... OMG! I noticed I was half a square out... It was actually only a hole out! But it was still out and knocked the whole design out... So what did I do?? Frogged it all!!

Let me show you...

It's not that clear... That is simply because I useless at taking photo's!

Ok... See where the red cluster of 7 stitches are, I think it's a flower ? To the left side, the light green and dark green.... Just a tiny gap between... Just not right!!

So basically all the lovely turtle had to come out with the platform he was standing on and the long green line along the bottom...

Here is the before...
The OMG! It's wrong!

Then I started to frog....

Ha ha a frogging we shall go.... A frogging we shall go...

It's the invisible turtle! Ha ha 

Then I started to stitch again...

And just carried on stitching...

And more stitching... 

So here is where I stopped this evening... I am very pleased with my progress today, even with my frogging.  And looking at it I really do t have q lot left to do... Eeeeeek!!!

So that was my stitching and erm.... Wonderful visit from Herbert!!

I have to show you my 'bionic' zebra leg... Made me chuckle all day when I look at it!

Hee hee, I know... I am silly right?!

So I had a little treat today... Han made me lunch.. Mmmm it was so nice and really healthy so wanted to share it with you all.  It was so filling, I seriously could not eat it all.  

It's basically mixed salad with cucumber... Topped with spiral pasta (my favourite) mixed with seafood dressing and prawns. Mmmmmmmm thank you Han :) x

So that has pretty much been my day... Ha ha from my bed! Ha ha

Hmmmm if this is your first visit to my blog.. Hmmm "from my bed" does not sound that good really does it??!! Ha ha I will explain ever so quickly... (If you want to know more, scroll back to previous days and all will become clear!). I am stuck in my bed due to having a left knee that just does not want to co-operate! Ha ha so I cannot weight bare or walk right now so making the most of things whilst 'stuck' in my bed!  Getting a lot of stitching done is a bonus!!! Ha ha 

Thank you all so much for popping in, always lovely to see you old timers and new faces... Hee hee

Smiles, no.... Huge big smiles to you all :)



  1. Oh my goodness.... what a nasty frog you had visiting you! I think his cousin is visiting me at the moment...
    Great progress for the day though even with all the frogging! I love this design - it really is so cute :o)
    Loving your zebra look! :o)
    Hugs xx

  2. Oh that is such a tacky little frog!! Sorry he chose to visit you!
    Your stitching does look good, though! That's a cute one!
    The zebra look is quite stylish!!!

  3. Hi Jacquie... you're in wonderful spirits considering everything you've been through lately... the stitching is lovely and oh what a pain about the 'frogging'... I actually have never understood that word in relation to unpicking of incorrect stitching...
    What a buzz to see your blog featured in the magazine, you'll get heaps of visitors I bet!

  4. Great progress even with the frog visit.

  5. I often have a visit from mr frog, your work looks just wonderful.

  6. So happy to hear you sent Mr. Herbert the frog away. Your stitching is looking so pretty Jacquie! And you should be very pleased with all your progress you made today regardless of your visitor.
    Happy stitching! always praying for you. love and hugs Annette

  7. Project is looking very nice...hope you feel better.

  8. I do hope Herbert can't swim the ocean :D I'd rather not have him visit! I have my hands full with my African Bullfrogs who pop in regularly!
    Beautiful stitching thanks to Herbert :)

  9. Sorry to hear Herbert decided to pay a visit. Maybe her heard you were unwell and thought he would keep you company for a while :) Your stitching is fantastic, such a lovely project.

  10. You have still managed a lot of stitching despite you had to do some unpicking :)
    It really looks great!

  11. Well guess what Jacquie and Thoeria? He can swim! He came last night to me!!!! I had to unstitch quite a bit also. All done now though.
    I rather like your striped leggings.

  12. I hope Herbert has hopped it for good, no fun unstitching. Well done still keeping your sense of humour even with the stitchy hiccup.

  13. Ha I love your zebra leg. Got a good chuckle from that. Herbert on the other hand has been a sneaky little bugger. Hopefully he's taken his leave of you for awhile now. The progress, even with his visit, is so beautiful. This piece will be finished in no time!
    Lunch looked delicious by the way, anytime you want to send Han over here you're welcome to. Lol.

  14. Sorry about the froggie! There is a useful tip for how to spot when you are one thread out like that, I'll try find a pictorial link to explain rather than using 1,000,000 words here!
    Love those stripy legs too!

    1. This one should explain it. Basically, if you start next to an "over" thread and spot half way through you are stitching next to an "under" thread you will know you have gone wrong!

  15. Love the zebra legs!! Very nice!! Sorry Herbert came to visit but your stitching is looking amazing and you are so close to being finished!!


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