Sunday, 11 October 2015

Can you help......

hello wonderful happy smiley friends :)

This post is going to be all about my wonderfully talented daughter han :)

As you all know she is very creative and enjoys using colours....well...... She has entered a competition!!! Eeeeeek!!! Her first one!! With this particular competition she can show some of her designs and the winner gets the most amazing prize.  Their design on actual cushions sold online and in some real shops too!!!

On the completion site from the link to hans blog HERE you can vote.... Yes sorry it's a voting competition. :(.  Naturally the more votes the better!! So here is the small favour!! Naturally please take a look at the 5 designs Han has put in.. You have the choice to vote on one or all!! Your choice!!

I want to give you all a sneak peek of the one I REALLY like!!

It's called watercolour roses...

I like this a LOT!! So much that I bought an actual pillow if it!! Oh yes I forgot to mention!! If you really like hans designs you have the added bonus of buying a real pillow with her design on!! How darn cool is that!! And really surreal I bet for Han!! Eeeeek!!! So exciting!!

So don't take my word for it!! Go check it out for yourselves!! Awesome!!!!  And thank you :) x

Ooooh I will take this opportunity to show you all something else! ... Han and I went out for afternoon tea! How very civilised of us! Hee hee

A little treat for us both...

Look at the difference in the colour of our tea!! Guess which is mine!?

Lol mine is the milky one! Or Han says, the one that resembles dish water! Lol


It was a lovely few hours in the garden centre, we chatted, laughed and munched! Mmmm

Oooh yes!! Want to see my new hair?? 
Whilst in the car I managed (just!) to take a photo or two.... More of my brick iPhone lol it's what Han calls it! See it's old now... 3GS!! Ha ha I like it and love my otter box it's in too! 

So here are the really naff photos I managed to take! You get the idea! It's drastic, and really short at the back too!

Lol just about see it!

Ok I am going now....
Thank you for popping in and supporting Han, both she and I thank you heaps :) 
Smiles :) xx


  1. Wow it is short it looks great! I don't see the link to actually vote on her blog...

    1. I went for a different look!! Lol
      The link for hans blog is at the top.... We're I put HERE in capitals... Or you could go directly via the link in my side bar, she is at the top! Just click her photo!
      Once in her blog, to vote all you have to do is press the pillow or pillows you like and that will take you to the competition page. On the competition page on the right side there is a pink box... Here is where you vote :)
      Click Facebook and or Twitter and leave a little comment to register your vote :)
      I am so useless with directions! I hope this helps better :)
      Thank you for supporting Han :) xxxx

  2. Wow, your hair is dramatically different! Looks good!
    I support Han, I am unable to vote, as I do not have Twitter, or Facebook or Instagram. Sorry.

    1. Lol indeed! Fancied a change!!
      Awe both Han and I thank you for your support :)
      Unfortunately voting for this is only using Facebook and Twitter... No worries if you don't have them I thank you anyway!!
      Smiles :)

  3. I have FB and I voted for Eggstacy, and Watercolour roses. Eggstacy is so quirky, love it! Your haircut looks great, from what I can see! I got one too in July but I didn't want it so short. It's growing out now which I like better. Hope Han wins it all!

  4. Love the new hair style!!! Off now to look at the cushions.

  5. Done!But I liked the eggstacy!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Good luck to Han, unfortunately I don't have facebook or twitter so cant vote.
    Your new haircut looks great.

  7. I voted just now by liking it on Facebook... your daughter is really talented! Later I will share it so many other people will see it!

    1. Thank you so so much :)
      Sharing and liking is great thank you :)
      Big smiles :)


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