Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Inspired by flowers...... Lol edited!!

Hello wonderful happy friends...

I have been side tracked from everything I have been doing! Ha ha this actually happens a lot! I just go with it now, if I don't the urge to side track gets worse!

So I had flowers in my head... I know totally random right! 

I love flowers, all types and colours....

So what have I been up to? 

A little while ago the lovely Cheryll over at Stitchingcubbyhole celebrated a birthday... Yippeeee! And for her celebration she kindly gave away some designs :)

I was lucky enough to be sent an awesome design... A Rosalie Quinlan design called Pretty Strippy Bag.  Thank you Cheryll :)

Welł here in England now we have to pay for carrier bags in shops... No more free ones!  So I thought make a bag!! Lol of course I did!! Ha ha never made one before and well as you all know I am totally useless at following instructions... But I gave it a go! Ah.... But with a flowery fabric... Not strippy, I just wanted to make sure I could follow the design first!! 

Welł I made it... I am not going to say it was easy, for me it was hard!!

I have a lot of this white blue fabric, perfect as I have this flower thing going right now! 

I made it and Han took a fancy to it! She loves all fabric bags, should of guessed really! So Han now is the proud owner of my first ever made bag!! 

I added some ric rac at the top... And added a pocket inside, Han loves it!!

Thank you to Cheryll again, and now I know I can make it and kind of follow the instructions I will make a strippy one!! 

Then... Yes still on the flower theme... Ha ha got side tracked a lot!! 

I wanted to do some wool / felt applique, with some flower... I chose pansies... I love how they 'smile' at you. So this is what I decided to do..

I did not follow any pattern, just picked up everything and made it! 

I also had a purple thing going! Ha ha.....

So then had to decide what to do with the pansies, hardest part for me as I just like to make things!

I thought about making a pin book.... Lol why not! 

This is what I come up with for the inside... But something was missing??

I was guided to look up the cictorian meaning of flowers, pansy basically means thinking and remembering.  

I have to come up with a little saying...

Did some thinking and sticking! Jon made the words on his laptop and printed them out, I cut them up and stuck them on a piece of paper... And did lots of things to make me understand how to stitch it! 

Then this is what it turned out like...

I am happy with it.... I think?! 

It was fun to make!!

Still on the flower theme... I have been trying to stitch and stitch more of The Scarlet Letter, Mary Gail design.  It's been doing my head in a little... I stitch some then frog some! Lol but I am still loving stitching it, it's beautiful...

So here is the flower that is taking so much of my time up...

I will get there slowly!! 

Cannot show you the design I made as its not been received yet... Oh I posted it!! But don't want to show you all yet, soon I promise :)

*****************************************EDITED BIT**********************************************************************

I just literally had a email confirming that my little happy package arrived!! Eeeeek!!! And I only posted it yesterday! Wow!! 

Well whilst blog hopping I came across someone in need of a smile... So I posted something out to them :)

I sent it to Maria over at Darn it linky thing not linking :(

Here is what I made...

Remember I gave you only these clues! I know I am mean!!

Here is what I made and posted...



It's a design adapted from Kathy Schmitz called Three Cherry Cheers!..... It's a red work design available here... under freebies :) I decided to applique it! 

Well I am pleased to say the person I sent it to ..... Maria...actually likes it! I am thrilled as it was to give them a smile... when they stick a pin into it, they remember me and smile? Maybe? 

Oooh I love sending smiles in the post :)

Well got to go and catch up with some stitching!! 
Big smiles to you all :) 


  1. Oh so pretty! Good for Han. :) I love pansies. They are my favorite flower, so that looks really great!

  2. Wow everything is lovely! I love the stitchy flower the most the colors go so well together! But everything is so pretty!

  3. Wow! You did a great job on the bag! I'm impressed with your sewing!
    The pansies are so pretty--you are so talented to just design the pattern!! Colors are beautiful!
    The sweet little pillow is so cute! I remember seeing the hints earlier--great job on that, too!

  4. Beautiful needle book, I love how you've shown your creative process

  5. You Dear Jacquie are FAR too modest, I didn't "like" my pincushion I LOVE it. !!!!! Thank you again honey it is beautiful and beside me as I type this. The other sewing is beautiful too. The pansy design is fab. Have a great Maria

  6. Great job with the bag Jacquie....looks amazing!! LOVE the pansy pin did a great job on that too!! The little bird pincushion is great too! You are so productive!!

  7. What lovely work , I love flowers.

  8. A very pretty needle/pin you have designed and made - go you !
    Nice bag, I've seen some very irate customers in shops who forget they need to take a bag lol.
    Happy crafting!

  9. Lovely stitching as always Jacquie, you always have a go at anything and it turns out wonderfully well!

  10. Wow, you have been busy! I love all of your projects and enjoyed seeing the detailed photos of each one. Your felt work is lovely and now I am inspired to do something with felt!

  11. Hannah's bag looks great, we all need more bags now. I think it's going to be the number one seller this Christmas!
    The pansy pin book is awesome, such a lot of thought has gone into the symbolism and the making of it.
    The pillow is gorgeous too, lucky recipient.

  12. Congrats! Fantastic bag - lol Hannah's now! Your a good mum! oooooh LOVE LOVE your pansy needlebook! SOOO Pretty! And you designed it - Just beautiful.
    Beautiful pillow too! Such lovely felts! Awesome job! love Annette


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