Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Ha ha I love this, it's so me!!!

Hello and happy smiles to you all :)

Wow!! To my love,y talented daughter :)

HERE is the direct link to the beautiful cushion I adore.... If you have not seen it take a look :)

Han is still in the competition, unfortunately to vote you need Facebook or and Twitter.... If you don't have these don't worry you can share hans details and others may see it... That would be awesome :) that is the trouble with media sharing competitions! But thankfully for this competition you only need to vote once!! If you can... Please share :) 

Something wonderful, for over 24 hours two of hans cushions are the most popular!! The are the bottom two in the photo :)

HERE is the direct link to the competition page if you want to browse....

Han needs our help.... Please please if you can support her that would be awesome :). I totally understand if you can't too :) xxx

Well what have I been up to??

I thought I would do some stitches on the awesome Scarlet Letter design, Mary Gail.  Stitching 1over 1 on 45 count linen is not that bad! 

Ha ha well it is if you stitched something in the wrong colour!! Yup.... You guessed, I stitched it in the wrong colour! 

Here is what I did... (Wrong!) 

I did it in. DMC 598 and it should of been DMC3750!! 

Lol as you can see Erm.... Only a small colour difference! No idea??!! I think the symbols on the chart just looked too similar to me! 

So after screaming a little and huffing... I pondered and pondered... It was a lot of work, but me being me I could not leave it.  It's just wrong, and not following the design! I could of tried to make it my own by leaving it and adding different colours...NO! Lol just no! So I started frogging!! My thinking was getting it over and done with!!

And it felt like ages, way longer than stitching it. But I managed it!

Then stitched the centre....

So pleased I stuck with it, I feel so happy.... Well happier with my decision! Love stitching this design :)

Thought I would give you all a giggle!!
Whilst looking through a few photos I came across this...OMG!! I am on the right, it was taken on my 21 St birthday! What do I look like!! Ha ha have a good giggle on that!!

Something else I wanted to show you... You know through all my experimental phase I am going through! Ha ha 
Not sure if I have already shown you? Hey ho! 

It was my first ever, I actually made it!! 

I actually followed the instructions! Ha ha I did!! And it looks like the design! Wow!! Lol it's no way perfect but just wanted to have a go... Ha ha that is me... Have a go Jacquie! 

Lol been wondering what to do with it now? Any suggestions? 

Ok I am going now!! 
I need to get on stitching! Ha ha 

Big big smiles to you all :) 


  1. Great work! Lol love the pic :). Too bad you had to frog I would totally have left it but I'm a lazy stitcher haha. I voted :)

  2. I needed cheering up and your post has done it..thank you xxx lovely sewing too. You have a very talented daughter you must be bursting with pride. Maria xx

  3. Yay Hannah!
    Oh I know. Unstitching takes ages.
    You look young and beautiful in the picture you shared Jacquie.

  4. Go Hannah, go Hannah!!
    I used to work with some women who looked just like that photo, perms, blouses and all LOL. Thank heavens I was a biker!
    Mary Gail is looking amazing, well worth frogging and re stitching! But it looks like you are stitching one over two rather than one over one? I've done some over one stitching on 40 and I wouldn't want to stitch something as large are her like that!

  5. Mary Gail is looking lovely,
    I used to look like that many years ago!


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