Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday night sew in....

Lovely to be here actually on a Friday!! Yippeeee it feels wonderful knowing that other craft like minded people are busy stitching, sewing, making and sticking! Hello!!!

Thanks to Wendy at sugarlane designs for this wonderful hook up :)

Well I wanted to be really busy tonight so am!! I am doing a bit of this a bit of that too!!

Now I can show you some... Hee hee but not all as it will be in the post first thing Monday!

Only 2 clues... But all will be revealed once it's arrived at its destination! 

That is all you get!! Well not fair showing it as its a surprise! 

I can show you something I have just finished a short while ago for my mum... It's a candle mat :)

I gathered some autumn colours of wool felt together and then tried to draw some leaves.. In the end I found some wonderful freebie leaves on the DMC website.  

I cut all different ones out and placed them in my circle, all actually random! Then figured out some pattern I liked and started to sew it all together.

Here is my journey...

I decided only to stitch around the inner circle... I like it like that... It's for my mum so I hope she likes it too. It was really fun to make :) 

Now onto something that is bothering me...

I have had a long in depth conversation with Jo... All about understand what we stitch.  Oh you know wether it's one over one,  one over two... Two over two... That type of thing.

As some of you know I have SpLD's... Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia and they affect me all in different ways.  Well......

See remember a few posts ago I posted the wonderful Scarlet Letter design Mary Gail I am stitching? This one...

I also said it was 45 count linen, yes it's true it is!! 

Here is where it goes all fuzzy!! I thought I was stitching one over one... Well I just cannot seem to get my head around undestanding exactly what I am stitching? 

I mean I know they are tiny tiny stitches and I am using one strand of thread... 

So after much tooing and frying with Jo, who I might add has a lot of patience to try to get me to understand!!  I came to the conclusion that ....

I stitch, I just do it, sometimes don't know how or fully understand how but hey I do it!!  And I enjoy doing it too! 

I posted this in hope you can all fully see how tiny those stitches are! 

Well sorry Jo, it's obviously one of those things I am just not meant to understand or grasp! But thank you so much for trying :)

Got me thinking how wonderfully different we all are... It's awesome! It takes me longer to grasp things and I love doing things in a certain way.  I do a lot of repetitive things, my way of keeping track I guess as my working memory is useless! And those who have been with me a while will know I love to challenge myself... Ha ha I don't do things right most of the time, but I try.  And to me that is everything, I love to learn new things..... Whilst having fun!! 

The hook ups I join in on are great as for me it's actually thinking gosh, someone in another country is making something the same time as me! I unfortunately cannot 'picture' things in my mind, just something I am not able to do. I kind of need something real, almost to believe.. It's hard for me to explain, but I find it easier saying people in say USA and Canada will be crafting the same time as me. Oooh er.... No!! Don't go into the whole time difference thing!! Omg!! Another story another time. I think!! Eeeeek!!! 

So going now to wrap up the happy smiley post to send out....

Thank you so much for popping in to see me :)

Big big smiles to you all :) xxxx


  1. You make me smile big my friend. Yes, I see now that you are stitching over two on 45 ct. Think of it as skipping over "one" hole= stitching over two. Maybe that helps maybe not. So what?! ;)
    I like your candle mat for your mum very much.

  2. Glad you liked my video's of the leaves and I see what you made for your MOM very nice work. Keep up the good job, you are doing great even with all your issues you don't have to get it as long as you can do it. Big hugs Lynda Ruth

  3. Lol yep you're stitching 1 over 2. As long as your fabric is big enough it looks great! I think it would be really difficult to stitch over 1 on that high of a thread count. You're basically stitching on a 22.5 count LOL. I love the candle mat you made I'm sure your mom will love it. I learn better by doing so if you want to practice over 1 vs over 2 the easiest way is to get a small count of evenweave. I'd say a 20ct or so because it'll show the biggest difference between the two. I can do a quick pic tutorial for you too if you'd like. Just let me know :)

  4. Hi Jaquie: Mary Gail is looking wonderful, are you going to frame it or make a pillow or?
    Your wool rug looks wonderful.
    I have often thought about other people stitching the same pattern I am stitching.


  5. You may being having doubts about what you are doing but from where I am sitting it is just lovely. Pretty candlemat.

  6. That X stitch is so small and SO neat, you clever thing. Oh I love felt and those colours could not be more perfect, bet your mum will be delighted. Have a great weekend xx

  7. your projects and work are beautiful. I can't think of any reason mum won't like that mat - it's gorgeous. :)

  8. Blimey, I love to cross stitch but I don't think I could attempt stitching on such a tiny scale, it's pretty amazing, and I love the candle mat, so autumnal.

  9. Love the candle mat, the felt is gorgeous, where did you find such lovely variegated colours? I'm sure you can come up with lots of projects to use it in.

    Your tiny stitches really do look so very neat in the close-up photos. As you say, the stitching is the thing, not the terminology.

  10. I am intrigued by your secret project but my very favourite is the Autumn Leaves Penny Rug....I love that and the colours are lovely! Will you come and visit me on Monday at Bits'nBobs for Design Board Monday. I would love you to share your project there.

  11. Your stitching is wonderful and who cares how many threads it is over as long as you're consistent.
    Love the leaves too.

  12. As long as you are happy with what and how you are able to stitch. Simply put, it is your interpretation and creative touch.

  13. You are stitching 1 over 2 darling! :)

  14. Your stitching is beautiful--it always is!!!
    And your felt work--lovely! Is there anything you cannot do?????
    I get inspired when I see your blog and try to run and stitch up something! haha

  15. Oh Jacquie......who cares whether you're doing it 'right' ...actually what IS 'right' may have just designed a new wave of stitching....isn't that how new designs come about!?! Definitely no stitching police here......we do it because it makes us happy....and doing it helps us learn.....if we were born experts, who'd bother?? AS long as you love it, who cares....and by they way....I LOVE what your looks fabulous. Love what you said too.....often we stress too much over the product and miss out on the joy of the what you do...we do! And Mr RNG must have too because he picked you as this month's winner for FNSI.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!! email me your details and I'll get your prize out to you ASAP! xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :o)

  16. Yep I concur... 1 over 2 :o)
    I think of stitching over 2 as 2 up, 2 across..... stitching over 1 would do my head in.... and I suspect I would be very crossed eyed by the time I finished! No matter what you're doing it looks absolutely brilliant.... keep doing it!!!
    I love the leaves on your candle mat - what a gorgeous gift
    Congrats on being the winner for this month's FNSI!
    Hugs xx

  17. A lovely close up of the Scarlet Letter, such neat tiny stitches.
    The candle mat is wonderful, mum will love it.


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