Sunday, 4 October 2015

Friday night with friends.... Update

Hello wonderful friends, oh my!! Having almost missed Friday night with friends I thought I had better get my skates on! Ha ha

So I made a little sheep square from a design inside Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher magazine... The design is called Market Shears.

Anything sheep I adore so this is cute in my eyes!


What else did I get up to? Well tried something new and was not happy with it....

I had these wonderful fabrics...

To make something... so I thought! Hmmmm 

Cut out some small hexies to make the bottom of the pumpkin...

But when I assembled it all it just did not look like what I had imagined it to be like...

Was so unhappy I rolled it all up and put it in a bag for another day! Hmmmm

So started again, on a much smaller scale as I think this may of been the issue too?

I wanted it to be mixed media... I mean all different things, applique, wool, stitches....that kind of thing.

I applique the pumpkin on and then blanket stitched the leaves and stork on.  I wanted the pumpkin to be centre stage so the words are of a lighter colour as to not stand out much.
Ooh if your wondering where I got this design.... I belong to a great wool group on Facebook and it's from there! 

Then I had to decide what else to do with it.... I mean it needed finishing!! Have a go I thought!

I liked this corn fabric so cut and pieced it around to see what it would look like...

Then. Shock horror!!! I got to use my sewing machine! I was so excited! I mean it's been months since I last used it! Hmm still can't sew in straight lines! Ha ha

Here it is!!

I basically sewed all around the wrong side and then pulled it to the right side.  It's not perfect by any means... Oh heaps of errors and squiffy bits... But best of all... I MADE IT!! :)

Yes I added 4 of my own hand made heart buttons to the corners..... Do you know it the first autumn style 'Give Thanks' that I have ever made! Shocking I know! It was fun :)

Oh yes the back...

It's a little quilted piece of fabric I had, so I used it! And the colours went ok too! 

And I bet your all wondering what I am to do with it? Well..... It could be a mat for a table.. Lol if we had one! A mat for my tray? Oooh that would be posh! Wall hanging? Interesting thought....

My poor cross stitch designs have suffered some what whilst I play about with fabrics and different hobbies.  It has been fun trying new things, time to cross stitch I think! Oh but I will come back to applique and wool things as it is so much fun. 

Smiles and happy creating to you all :) 


  1. Good for you Jacquie! This is great. How neat.

  2. Hi Jacquie, the Give Thanks looks great, despite your disappointment with the hexy's... maybe they can be used for another project...

  3. Toujours de nouveaux travaux!je t'admire :

  4. Cute sheep. I liked the first pumpkin too! Hopefully you can use the hexies again. I'm sure you will find a use for the second finish somehow. It's too good not to use.


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