Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Something new....

Hello friends, lovely to be here again :)
Hope your all well and happy?

It seems crazy but I can't believe it's October already...

So what have I been up to?  Tried something new...ooooh and it was really exciting too... More in a minute :)

WelÅ‚ not sure if your all aware of my eyes? Oh yes I got new glasses but getting used to them has been a real pain.  I have been having problems focussing and adapting to my new glasses.  Jon the sweetie has been looking for a solution to this... I mean I want to stitch! I just could not focus on the holes at all.  

Look at the solution we came up with... I look so cool! Lol

They are really good... I am over the moon with them.  It makes it possible for me to see! Oh I do use my tinted glasses too, was easier to show you with these ones :)

Stitching wise, yes I have done more on Mary Gail, Scarlet Letter design.  I really love this design a lot, the colours are so lovely.  Now I can see, little bit each day...

Here is where I am up to now...

Not forgetting this is 45 count linen! And I am stitching one over one! Ha ha I know I am crazy, but love how it looks :)

I have also done something else... Tried something new.  Yes I did!! And I am thrilled with the result too.

It's all put together by hand, it's called Friendship Stitchery by Primitive Gatherings.... Wool applique with a new stitch I learn too! Lol it's that new to me I have forgotten what it's called! 

I was gifted this and a few other bits of wool from a very kind Facebook friend in America... Working with wool is so lovely... And I am such a lucky happy person :)

Then the something new part was to quilt it... And edge it too... Never done it! I watched some YouTube clips on edging and tried it! It's very me as you will see... Ha ha it's wonky! But not bad for my first attempt.


I feel like it's not quite finished... For those that do this type of thing every day, what else do I or can I do to this? I feel it needs a pattern on it around the edge? Or maybe it is finished? I don't know! First time I have done this! Lol

I may even tackle a mug mat next! Ha ha ha

Oh gosh! It's 10pm.... As Han has just reminded me (lol she does every night!) I have to stab myself!! 

If your not aware I now have to take fragmin injections for life due to developing multiple blood clots in both my lungs.  My situation is not likely to get any better until my knee is sorted out.  I have been told I need a total new knee replacement... So until that happens I have restricted mobility.  Hey ho! 
Never a dull moment here! Ha ha I have acdepted it, see it's something I have to do to keep myself alive..

Well off to do the deed! Lol
Smiles to you all and thank you so much for popping in to see me :)


  1. Ooo sexy! Awesome stitching and finishing. I played with my sewing machine for the first time today. I need practice on keeping my lines straight but I was sewing my bridesmaid dress which has a bit of a curve so it was more difficult lol. You should try setting an alarm on your phone for you injections just in case you forget. I had to do that when I took birth control it helped quite a bit.

  2. Love the new glasses. Keep on stitching!

  3. What wonderful things you have been making Jacqui, love the applique, it really does looks so beautiful.
    Lovely you got to meet a fellow blogger, time with like minded friends is always nice.
    {hugs} x

  4. Yay Jon! Those glasses will help you lots! I did not realize you were stitching one over one on 45ct!!! Wow! It is looking awesome!
    I agree your wool applique needs something. What if you embroidered along the edges? On top of the binding seam. So your stitches are on the fabric and on the binding?

  5. Your stitching looks just lvoely and I'm glad you've got a solution to keep stitching!


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