Thursday, 15 October 2015

Gifted gorgeousness ....

Hello wonderful friends...

It's been a little while since I posted an update in GG.... but I should as I am ever so grateful many times over for all the wonderful things people send me.

I must apologise now... See since being poorly all my stitching crafting things are all over, and I mean all over.  I have thanked many people but I am sure a few have slipped through :( so let me take this opportunity to thank every one that has shown kindness to me :) lol I think that is everyone! 

I am blown away by the wonderful people I have come across whilst in blog all have such kind hearts oozing with happiness.

My blog is changing all th time, I love to post what I do... And chat too... You all that pop in on me are awesome and I love it, thank you.

So I guess I should show you all what I have been doing with all the wonderful things...or bits of happiness as I call them! 

You all know I am currently stitching Scarlet Letter, Mary Gail and the HAED, Strawberry Thief... I do have tabs at the top but as you have probably look and seen I am useless at updating them! Eek I I'll get around to it.

It's been slow progress with Mary Gail, but I want to tell you all I am loving it a lot. I have the wonderful chart on loan but the awesome linen... Which is 45 count was gifted to me.  And it's the first time ever that I have stitched one over one on 45 count!! 

As usual I will apologise now for my naff photo skills! 

I should be stitching more of this now as my eyes are fixed! Well when I say fixed I mean I have eye wear that help again! It's coming together nicely.

Hmmmmm.... Did you notice I did not mention anything about the strawberry thief? Well shame on me as I need to stitch more!! It's a massive task that is going to take me forever... I tried to stick to the 100 stitches a day but even. That was hard with all my health problems. So I have gone back to stitching when I can but a must every week.  It's my first HAED and I was blown away by this awesome gift from a very kind friend.  

Like I say not a lot happening here... Soon more I promise!

It's upside down as it's easier to stitch like this for now! This is top left corner...

I am so spoilt by my husband...

I will show you these, which another labour of love.... Again gifted to me from my sweet husband..

I have randomly been adding a few stitches here and there...

It's so cute :) 
I want to have my quilting skills improved for when I finish this as I see it in the centre ... Have a nice idea floating around for this :)

Thank you to Jo who organises this GG year long sal.... Gives me a chance to say THANK YOU xx

Oooh yes if you want you can pop along there as the linky thing is in my margin :) I should say sorry to Jo as I accidentally forgot to post the actual link for this page :( naughty corner for me! 

Ok off to stitch !! 

Big smiles to you all :) 


  1. Jacquie, great job!
    I wish you a nice days!
    We look forward to the next post!

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, nice to have you back.
    Mary Gail is looking great and the Strawberry Thief is progressing nicely too. 100 stitches per day is quite a challenge to keep up every day.
    I like the two embroidery pieces too, especially the cat.

  3. I think you are accomplishing quite a lot!

  4. Mary Gail is beautiful and I am quite impressed that you are stitching 45ct over one!
    Good luck with your HAED. I purchased about 5 HAED ~ they are huge.
    I am not familiar with the stitching kits that your husband gave you but I really like them! I'll google it to find out more.

  5. well you are doing more than I am all projects are coming along lovely and your new acquisitions are really cute :) love mouse xxxxx

  6. Gorgeous stitching Jacquie.


  7. Nice post, great progress.

  8. Everything is looking great you've made lovely progress! I'm glad to hear you got some better eyewear and that it's helping. I really love how your bird is turning out and I forgot that's how small that fabric was for your stitching. That's nuts!

  9. You are going a long nicely with your good have some different things to do as you can change when you feel like doing something different. .love those kits Jon got you, they are quite different to your other work. Hope all is well.xx

  10. Great stitching, I love those folk-art embroidery kits, I'm going to have to look out for those

  11. Hi I'm a new follower via the SAL. Lovely stitching on Mary Gail and I love the embroidered ones. They would make awesome quilt centres

  12. Lovely embroidery kits, I like those. Nice stitching progress.


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