Friday, 30 October 2015

I have done it!!!

Hello happy friends :)

Well I have had my sewing machine on none stop.... Ha ha it seems that way! It's cooling down now waiting for the next project! 

As you all know I have been working away on the Cozy Afternoon free block of the month designed by Jacquelynne Steves. (See previous post for link) 

There are 5 blocks and I had already shown you block one... But... I have finished them all now!! Omg!!! They are all done!! Yippppeeeeee!! I can hardly believe it myself that I have done all 5! 

It's my first experience at making blocks, it was not easy, and some places actually frustratingly hard too. But by block 5 I had just started to get the hang of it! Ha ha 

I got to block 4 and NO!!! Actual maths needed! Eeek!! I tell you having dyscalculia is no fun at times... I really am useless.  Jon again helped me :) you will see on the photos what I mean!! 

And a HUGE thank you to Han for helping choose fabrics and colours as I am 100% useless!! 

Here is my 'block' journey...

Block 1..

Block 2..

Block 3..

Block 4..

Block 5..

All together....

Lol you can tell it's my first time .... They are not all the same size!! I had a lot of fun making them and stitching them too.  I still cannot believe I made them! Eeeeek!!

Ok... So what now? I am wondering the same thing! What shall I do with them? I don't have any of that  filler thing you all use to quilt so that's out! I am going to have a think.... Or if you have an idea, please share!! Thank you :)

Oooh I have to share with you all a lovely giveaway gift I selected for.... 

This box.... Ah but what is inside??

As you all know I am a huge fan of The Scarlet Letter designs, I am a member both blog and Facebook  and am currently stitching Mary Gale.. More on her next post! There was the most awesome giveaway to celebrate a members birthday, such a sweet kind thing to do :) and lucky me was chosen!!! Eeeekkk!!! 

Oh yes!! Here is what is in the box!! 

THE most amazing needlework scissors I have ever used!! Seriously!! I cut some thread with them and it was like a knife gliding through butter...smooth and soft.  The scissors are very light too, lighter than I has expected, they are so lovely to use.  I feel ever so lucky to have been chosen.  

But wait,...

There was something else in the package!!

This beautiful diary..

Inside are pictures of the most beautiful samplers I have ever seen, with snip its of little sections all charted to stitch yourself.  It's brilliant and oh I love it!! And the added bonus it's a diary!! Again I feel so very lucky.

Ok I am going now as I have some primitive hearts to stitch! Smiles to you all and thank you so much for popping in :)



  1. Your quilt blocks are awesome! Love the fabrics and the appliques. That was some kind of giveaway! I've never seen the plaid ones -- so cool. I used to work at a stitch store and was able to get 2 pairs of Sajous, red and tortoise shell. Very good scissors!

  2. Haha, actual maths! That's geometry there, tricky stuff LOL
    Your squares look great, I have no idea what to do with them now though.
    Your scissors are lovely, there's something very luxurious about good scissors. Lucky you to win such a lovely pair. Now they need a nice Scarlet Letter fob!

  3. Well look at you go!!!! Well done!! The blocks look amazing!! How about some plain fabric blocks in between the ones you have made....cotton on the back and you have created a little table cloth??? I am sure you will come up with an idea.You can always put flannelette in the middle instead of wadding.....well done on your win, the scissors and diary are beautiful! Nothing better than good scissors!!

  4. The blocks are fantastic and those scissors beautiful

  5. Wow , well done you, give yourself a pat on the back from me!!!! If you don't have wadding you could use felt behind them...they would be fab cushions or table runner. Lovely scissors and really have had a busy

  6. Hooray! With all three of you working together, you made them all! Fantastic!
    Wow. What gorgeous scissors!

  7. Congratulations on this beautiful finish. I would have never guessed it was your first time, each block is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  8. They look great! Congrats on winning those scissors are awesome!

  9. Superb crafting! We'll have to keep in touch!

  10. Wow your finish is fantastic!

    Congratulations on your win. Such pretty scissors and that diary is lovely.

  11. You did a great job with the patchwork and appliqué. Congrats on your fabulous win.


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