Saturday, 10 October 2015

I have awesome friends

Well hello one and all.... 

Today is Saturday and well I have done nothing! Literally got up and not even a needle or piece of thread has been touched! Why your asking?? In a word... Dunno! Guess I am happy surfing today! Been catching up on blogs and hopping all over the place! Funny how the time flies! 

Something happy and smiley to tell you all about....

I was surprised to receive a package in the mail...... I had not ordered anything! I looked closer at the package and my my!! All the way from Italy!! Eeeeek!! What could it be? Ha ha so I opened it!!

Awe..... It's from a fellow blogger :) from HERE...  Inside was a letter and Oooh something wrapped in tissue!  I love surprises so was excited by this!! I read the letter and awe... It's from Roberta.  Apparently she had said somewhere along the line that she would make me something as a surprise gift and post it to me... Well I had naturally forgotten all about this, memory like a sieve!

Look!! Hand made items are the best.... I must tell you all that the. Wool is ever so soft, silky soft... It's lovely. How cute is this!!! I love it and yes I will wear it :)

Roberta has been busy lately as she has 3 yes 3 blogs running now!! What an adventure!! I will post you the links to here other blogs and I hope you all pop along and see what she has been up to?

This one is a place where Roberta shares her love of cooking and wonderful recipes... I have been informed it will be going into English very soon :) mmmmm yummy!! LINK HERE

This one is a place where Roberta shares her love of all things knitting and wool.... Wonderful!!! This already has an English section :) LINK HERE

I would be happy if you would pop along and say hi :) thank you xx

What else have I been doing since the last time? Are you curious?? 

Well I have had all my hair chopped off! It's true!! Alas I have no photo yet... Maybe get Han to take one tomorrow. :) I warn you all its pretty drastic! See I was feeling fed up and old with that drab straight style I have had forever and ever! Oh no, it's not been permed or curled!! Just cut!! Ha ha when you see it you will see that the cut was enough! Lol

In a bid to try an I prove my applique and sewing skills, jon found me an amazing kit (very cheap too!!) on the Internet.  It's called "how does your garden grow" from Bucillas Patchworks.  It's classed as an easy applique project. 

I took it all out the packaging and thought easy?? Ok... So not being a quitter thought I would give it a go. I tell you the hardest thing for. Me to actually do is follow instructions! But you know me I love a challenge!! 

Here is the journey so far....

I went off grid here and added my own stitching! Told you it was hard for me to follow instructions! 

That is pretty much where I am right now... Stitching all the bits on... My my! The instructions don't tell you how long this takes!! Oh but it's all good fun!! Slowly does it! 

Ha ha ha must share this with you all.... Yesterday I actually got my sewing machine out! Managed to sit at it in stages... Pleased I did as I love using it.  Well whilst looking in a box I found some fabrics, not sure what I had them for? Oh you all know how addicting fabrics are!! I seem to be attracted by all fabrics lately no matter the colour or pattern! H aha ah 

Well I decided to make a lap throw... Well this had Han chuckling as I am now referred to as the old lady! So anyway, I dove in, no pattern, no real idea how it was going to come together either! Ha ha status normal then! 

Started by stitching all the squares together in a long line, ha ah convinced jon I was making a Tom Baker Dr Who scarf! Lol and he believed me!! So funny.

Then just kept turning and stitching... Until it was a nice size. Added som quilty puffy stuff and backed it with a purple fleece blanket.  

First time I stitched on the top to hold it together, I opted for zig zag... Gosh it took forever!! 

I am pleased with how it turned out, and it's actually on my knees now! Nice and warm!!  I love the sheen in the fabrics, and I am thrilled that the zig zag looks ok too. 

Lol jon said "you finished that one then"!! Cheek!! 

Got to laugh :) 

Ok going now... Be back soon! 
Thank you for popping in to see me :)
Smiles to you all :)


  1. Love your lap quilt and the new project too

  2. What a lovely gift from Roberta. The applique is going very nicely. Have fun!
    What a great quilt you came up with Jacquie! Good for you. Old lady, ha! ;)

  3. Ooo great blanket! I adore the silky fabrics on the top.

  4. What a sweet gift from Roberta.
    Love your appliqué garden. I like the way you personalise it with your embroidery too.

  5. Super lap quilt. The applique looks wonderful, I really must give that another go.


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