Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday night with friends preview...

Hello lovely friends.....

Friday night with friends... Ooooh almost forgot! How could I ?? I love thinking I am happy creating whilst others are at the same time,... It's awesome.

You can join in too.... Sometime if you like, it's fun!! The link is HERE..... The lovely Cheryll is the most amazing host too :)

So what will I be up to?... Hee hee you will have to wait and see! I will show you in my next post! Maybe a little clue... Oh ok!!

Oh my god my scissor smiley is looking a little tatty now :(. Maybe I will have to make a new smiley?! 

Ooooh yes clue in the back ground!!

Oooh and some yummy fabrics too... Oooh another clue? Maybe!

Ok back in a little while with the update of what I got up to!! 

Smiles to you all :) 


  1. Fun fabrics I love the pumpkin one!

  2. Pumpkins and autumn colours? That's got to be a big clue!

  3. I've got no idea but I love the fabrics!

  4. Very seasonal looking my friend! I hope you are still having fun creating.

  5. maybe something for Halloween? looking forward to finding out!


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