Thursday, 18 September 2014

so very sad....can you help?

Hello wonderful friends..

I have heard some troubling sad news today when I opened my email box...

You may re-call a while ago I was one of the lucky people chosen to do the Lizzie Kate Travelling Chart :)  I loved stitching it and it was  a lot of fun.  

The lucky person to be chosen from my blog was Simona and her blog Crocette, sogni and co.  

I was saddened to hear from Simona that after trying and trying for a long time no one apart from an anonymous person asked to stitch it.  And as she wanted to see what the person stitched it like it was not such a good idea to accept this person.

And here is the wonderful stitch Simona did... (borrowed from her blog)

So now Simona has asked for my help.... she is willing to post it out to anywhere just as long as the person has a blog... so the finished stitch can be seen.

I would like to help Simona.. please if your a follower of mine and would like to stitch this lovely Lizzie Kate design please please please pop over to Simona's blog.... HERE IS THE LINK  and say I sent you and you would love to stitch it.

Simona has followers on her blog.. her blog is lovely, she stitches some wonderful things... if you have not popped over there... please do.

I do hope that someone can help as I would love the Travelling Chart to continue to travel...

Fingers crossed :)

Thank You :)

Smiles :) 



  1. Hi Jacquie, I have gone to visit Simona, who has a sweet blog and I have put my name down for the Travelling Pattern. Thanks for letting me know about Simona's blog. hugs, Kaye

  2. Will have a look at Simona's blog but can't offer to stitch the TP as I've already stitched it before...

  3. I will take a look at Simona's blog too. I have participated in this TP already though. Sorry. ;)

  4. Kaye I've sent you a private mail to obtain your mailing address! Love

  5. This is such a cute pattern - and Kaye will stitch it up and make it shine. NOw to pop over to Simona's blog….

  6. Oh I missed out again! Will pop over to Simona's blog anyway, it sounds lovely!

    1. Pssttt ... if you don't manage to get it next time .... I do have the chart ;) just saying love mouse xxxxx

  7. I stitched this one some time ago , lovely chart.

  8. So pleased Kaye is next! Justine will have to stalk HER now to be next.

    I already stitched this one back towards the beginning of its journey. I just love Travelling Patterns.

  9. So glad the "travelling" pattern keeps travelling. :) Will pop over to Simone's blog to check it out. ;)

  10. Do you know if this was the one I started? I lost track of it but I wouldn't mind stitching it for me :) I will pop on over to her blog! Thanks,


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