Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What to do?

Well today I got up thinking.... ooooh I have some really lovely things I can stitch..my stash is growing nicely.  Thanks to Jon's bargain hunting online!

With all good intentions today I thought OK logically look at what I have to do.. you know finish off then I could plan which lovely design to start next!  Arrrrghhhh!! I so need direction! Help me!!  OMG!!  

I mean I thought about making a list, even a short list!  But got side tracked ALL day looking at my lovely charts and things I have!  I am terrible!  Any one have any suggestions?  Eeeek what should I do?  Like I say I lack direction! hmmm  Anything suggested will be great ... 

So well when I eventually put all the 'nice' things away I got out my sheep! Love sheep... did I tell you all that?! ha ha ah aha

And managed to finish another letter :)
Saying that though... I showed it to Jon and he was flumoxed... ha ha is that a word?   Sounds good!  And well it took me ages to show him the letters...maybe he will see it when I have all the letters done?  Hoping to get the last 2 done tomorrow.

Here it is so far......

Not an awful lot done.. pretty lame effort today actually :(  But hey I did some!

Do you see Blue the sheep gets every where!  I just LOVE my needle minder, its wonderful... best ever invention as now I no longer put the needles in my mouth!  I know dangerous! 

On a good note.... Han is in college tomorrow! yippppeeeeee!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that she is going back to college!  Its only an orientation day, then to start next week.   I am so pleased and Han I am sure will enjoy her new course.  Its only a year so I am sure she will be fine.    Its so tough for Han as she still really has no idea what she wants to do for the rest of her life.... you know as a career.  Han too has learning difficulties just like me but slightly different and finds things very hard at times.  The one thing that she is good at it art... and that is evident from her Distinction * from her last 2 year college course!  But like she says 'art' is not a job!  This is why Han is having trouble finding her place in the world and society.  I am sure it will all come together...... all I am concerned with is that she is happy and I will support what ever she wants to do.

Well that is about it really.. I sent the packages tracking and have been told 4 days! ha ha I believe that when I see it!  Watch out for your post men! hee hee

Ok... sorry its such a short post.. will do better tomorrow!

Smiles to you all :)

xx  :) xx


  1. I love your sheep - hmmmmm - may I guess where the pattern came from ;0)

    1. Yes a wonderfully kind fellow stitcher who knows I adore sheep sent it to me! Yes!! Thank You Kim :) xx

  2. Your sheep are coming along really well!! I am no help in suggestions for getting organised I have wasted most of the morning dithering here and there!!! But I have enjoyed it!!! Lol!!

  3. No help here either I'm afraid...I even put all my stash on a page of my blog so I could browse through it while I'm out and about! You could always try putting their names in a hat! Your sheep look gorgeous. What is Han planning to study at college? I didn't decide what I wanted to do until my late 20s and my friend who had a very successful career decided to retrain in her late 30s and is now a doctor! It's never too late...

  4. Lovely sheep how cute.
    I am sure Han will fall into something she loves, she has a lovely smile and that will take her a long way , hugs and good luck .

  5. Aww cute Sheeps and l love them so much
    Hugs x

  6. Cute little sheep, they are adorable and colourful!
    Good luck to Han xxx

  7. Hello Jacquie

    Love those sheep (:

  8. Yes, those sheep are sweet!
    Our second son, Emerson, loves art. He had the most difficult time deciding if he should study history or to go to an art college. He went with the history degree. He still does not know what he will do with it, but he loves history. Would Hannah want to be an art teacher?

  9. The sheep are very precious!
    I'm not much help in suggesting what to stitch, since I primarily stitch ornaments! That would be my suggestion! HA But if you have the "ornament desire" you may want to pick which holiday you want to start with and work toward getting several of those done for a nice display......
    So glad for your daughter!

  10. Hi Jacquie

    Congrats! Just get my Cross Stitch Crazy magazine and you are in it (:

  11. I know a lot of ladies who thrive on a rotation when they have a few projects on the go, a certain project on a certain day.... perhaps that might work as you enjoy so many different things.

    Wishing Han well in her new course. Art can be a job, someone has to draw the cartoons etc for the graphic novel magazines.

  12. First of all - lovely sheep! :) Now, as for helping you with direction/decision making - sorry, I am not much help here either. I suggest, like Julie, rotation - several projects that you work on at the same time, giving each project a specific day (hour)... Good luck!

  13. Those Sheep are so cute :) Art is what my Daughter loves too :)


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