Monday, 1 September 2014

Happy 1 st September :)

As you can see I have been busy!  These have just been posted out... but sorry I cannot show you the contents until they have been received.

Is it really the 1 st September!!!??? OMG!! The time is just flying by... Christmas before we know it I bet!

Well let us start with a photo of me in the car!! ha ha.... I took it because I had the window open and my hair was every where... rather made me giggle!

I did manage to get a little 'other' stitching done.. not a lot though :(  I am a little behind with my Advent Animals so thought I would spend a little time on that.  But then my eyes got heavy and I nearly fell asleep so went to bed...

Here is where I am...

A fair way to go I know.  They are adorable little animals and I like stitching them... just may take me longer than planned!

I forgot to show you all this amazing union jack car we saw the last time we went to Ikea!  

Not something I would drive around in... looks funky though :)

Oooh yes I have something quite exciting to tell you all about.... I have joined a new program called Orchard at Tesco... basically for all of those out there who do not live in the UK.... its a supermarket and I am now a product tester!  I get to test their products in my own home, for free!!  Then all I have to do is write a truthful report on what I sample...

Their motto....

The first thing I have been offered to sample is wonderful ice cream! mmmm

Here is the report I submitted....

I was thrilled at being accepted to try the Tesco ice creams... its true I am a lover of ice cream and love eating it, so this I know was going to be a joy to participate in. I went into Tesco and to be honest on other shopping trips when I had bought ice cream I had not really that I mean I bought the flavors I knew and liked. This time I took my time... I walked up and down the isle like I was stalking the flavors! I seriously could not believe all the different types and flavors I was looking at... so much choice. After a while of freezing my fingers looking at packaging I had made my mind up! Now I would usually get low fat or fat free as a healthy choice as I am actively healthy eating. But I thought eating the ice cream I chose I saw more as a treat and thought... its fine! I bought the Tesco Finest Chocolate x3 mini pots as they really intrigued me. Different percentages and flavors of chocolate... and along the same lines the Tesco Finest Vanilla x3 mini pots too. I thought a sample of the different tastes.. yes would probably leave me wanting more! Then I chose 2 larger pots, one Tesco Finest Senga Strawberry and Clotted Cream ice cream and one Tesco Finest Sicilian Mandarin sorbetto. These as I say are ice creams I would of glanced past previously. I was pleased with what I had chosen... and by all accounts so was my husband! He took one look at them when I got them home and said "Grown up ice cream"! On closer inspection of each one I noticed how delightful the packaging was... each pot had its own design and complimenting colors. I would like to say that is what influenced their purchase but sadly it was not. After reading each description, tasking the time to see what is in the tub and salivating on what it would taste like is what influenced my decision! Opening the Tesco Finest Senga Strawberry and Clotted Cream pot was a delight and a joy. As soon as I took the lid off I caught a waft of hint of strawberry, so nice. I sank my spoon into it and let it melt on my tongue before swallowing... all I can say is heavenly! The coldness brought out the creamy flavor and the texture was so smooth. All I have to say is one scoop lead to another... and another! Sure its made with local clotted cream... a treat I say! But Oh a really yummy one at that! I also (on another day!) sampled a mini pot of Tesco Finest Chocolate and mini pot of Tesco Finest Vanilla. To be honest the vanilla to me tasted powdery and dry... I know how can that be with an ice cream?! I found with both if left out of the freezer for a short time to 'warm' slightly in room temperature they actually tasted so much better. I think they were just too cold! Equally the vanilla and chocolate are delicious and make a nice treat after dinner or eating whilst watching a movie as I did! Now the Tesco Finest Sicilian Mandarin sorbetto is in a league all of its own! From the moment when I placed it into my mouth I knew I was onto a winner! The scent, smooth texture, zingy flavors and of this was a sheer joy to eat. As I sampled this I found it really pleasant and light to eat... Simply wonderful I guess hits the spot! Now I know being part of the Tesco Finest range these ice creams do cost a little more. After actually now tasting them I can honestly say I feel confident enough to say I will purchase these again. Flavor and enjoyment over rule everything for me! In reflection I would say that each Tesco Finest ice cream I bought and tasted was delightful. Sure I used the vouchers on part of what I bought, but the key thing here is that I did actually buy some of these myself! I really like the Tesco Finest range and feel the more I try it the more I like and enjoy the products. So all in all its a massive thumbs up! :)

Fingers crossed I get more yummy things to try :)

So I guess now its back to the stitching!

Smiles :)



  1. Your advent animal scottie is adorable.
    Eating and testing. How fun! ;)

  2. Lovely stitching (:

  3. That ice cream sounds divine....good luck with your testing!! Your stitching is lovely - love the car too...windswept hair suggests a great day to be out and about!!

  4. Ha ha - I love your driving hair Jacquie! Very 70s-shaggy-haircut look!
    Yum all that icecream looks good x

  5. You have certainly been busy!!... there is going to be some lucky stitchers :)

  6. The advent animals are on my list for next year. I'm thinking of using a similar green to you, they look great on it.
    If you keep writing reviews like that for Tescos they will get you to work in their advertising department! It will make everyone want to buy the ice-cream.

  7. I love your green fabric for the advent animals/
    Great review....will have to try that ice cream.


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