Sunday, 14 September 2014

On the mend..... slowly

I am pleased to say I am now on the mend.... a long way to go still, but started on that road.

Today my supply of Spatone arrived, I have mentioned this product before, its brilliant.  Especially for me.. see I really dislike the taste of iron and this is simply apple juice!  Well OK it has the iron supplement in it but I cannot taste it... just as well! a ha a  I am on 3 sachets a day to build my iron up quicker... then I will reduce the sachets as time goes on and I get better.

In the fridge as I can only drink it cold!

I have been trying to stitch but it seems I have no patience or the ability to sit and concentrate for very long...

But saying that I did manage to finish this pumpkin :)

It was designed by Michaela Learner from The Cross-Stitching-Guild on Facebook...

I am now deciding how to finish it...

Close up...

Something else I am very excited about it a design from The Primitive Hare....

Its is one of Isabella's new designs and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to stitch it for my mum!  See she is the witch in the family!! Oh a good witch!! ha ah ah

So I downloaded the chart and as it is for a gift for my mum I bought the Old Salem Linen its 30 count so that will be interesting! ... Jon kindly ordered all the threads I need and I am just waiting on them... hopefully they will come Monday?  Or next week then I can get started on it!  I am thinking Christmas... if not then her birthday, that is 1 st January so I do have a bit of time :)

Do you know I have erm..... a few projects on the go.... ha ha I am just addicted to stitching! ha ha ha ah a

All will get done.. I know it!

Smiles and happy stitching to you all :)

Oooohhhh.... Thank You all ever so much for your kind comments too :)



  1. Your pumpkin stitching looks very nice:)

  2. Well that pumpkin stitch doesn't exactly look like an easy one for someone who is having difficulty concentrating! Glad to hear you are on the mend. I'm sure you will finish your Mum's witch in no time, you are one of the fastest stitchers and finishers I know!

  3. What a fantastic pumpkin!! See now, I hate apple juice. Blech. Had too much of it as a child I think. I am glad it works for you. Get well now my friend.

  4. So glad to read that you are on the mend. Take care of yourself. :)
    The pumpkin looks fantastic. When you decide how to finish it, it will be an awesome Halloween/harvest decoration... I would love to see the finish!
    The witch is interesting - kudos to you for being able to stitch so much black. I did the "leaky cauldron" sign off the Leaky Cauldron web site once - it was all black - and I nearly cried of boredom... one color - black - in the whole design. Good luck! I am sure it will turn out stunning.
    Have a good week... So good to hear from you. :)

  5. Le potiron es magnifique!
    The Primitive Hare réalise de si beaux designs,j'en ai déjà brodé!bonne réalisation!
    Douce journée

  6. Good to read that you are starting to feel somewhat better. Take it easy and take one step at a time.
    Great pumpkin that you stitched and absolutely great new stash.

  7. Great pumpkin!!! And love the new design with the witch... your mum will love it ;)
    I love apple juice... enjoy & hope your iron level goes back up!!

  8. Just wanted to say hi Jacquie, I'm a new follower sent here via Jo @ Serendipitous Stitching :). Love your pumpkin and look forward to seeing your finished finish (I'm so bad at that!). I'm a huge fan of Isabella's designs and I look forward to seeing you stitch your witch up. Hope you feel a little bit stronger everyday

  9. The pumpkin looks great. I do like your little staged photos. They would make a nice photobook of your work.

    I love Primitive Hare's designs. Spooky Countdown is one of her's and while there is a lot of black it's not too boring!!

  10. I'm glad you improve the health !!! I wish you a very !!!!
    I look forward to new posts:-))
    Pumpkin is beautiful:-))
    Your photos are cool:-))


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