Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Jon!

Yes today is my Jon's birthday.... 

Bless him he does not know anyone, well everyone he knew he knew through work...since not working due to his accident all he has is us.

And every year Jon says he does not want anything... believe me it is really hard to buy a gift for him too.. he really does not have a hobby, does not have any interests.... well not since his accident any way.  So all of my family now try to make his birthday fun for him.. to make him smile.  

With fun and smiles the order of the day I bet your all wondering what we all got him for his birthday?!  ha ha well my parents bought him a tonne of chocolate... all varieties, Cadbury plain, fruit and nut, whole nut and Galaxy chocolate bars too!  He loves chocolate so the perfect gift really!  He loved it!!  From Han and I... well in previous years we have bought expensive 'smelly' and he rarely used it!  We bought a designer scarf and never used it!  True we bought socks once for a giggle and he loved them... so we thought we would save them for Christmas! ha ah a Jon likes all the old fashioned sweets.. you know humbugs, rhubarb and custard, blackcurrant and licorice and pontifract cakes (licorice) and sherbet lemons.. many more too.... so Han and I bought a HUGE selection of these ... I think about 10 packets in all!  So with all that chocolate and sweets I think they will keep him busy for a long time!

Here are some photos...

And yes my mum made him a cake.... red velvet and chocolate :)

That basically was Jon's birthday!  He was happy and smiley so aim of the day was achieved!  Fun and happy!! :)

Onto the stitching!!

Hahahahahah well I have actually done no, yes you read that right... have done no stitching today :(  Well I was busy... no not eating cake, I actually dont like this one!  Jon and ~Han ate it! 

Thought about starting a new little in between project...

Here is the start of it...

more to follow on this later...

I shall work more on my pumpkins and hopefully have more to show you on them tomorrow.  

Hope your all having a wonderful day full of smiles and happiness too :)



  1. Looks like Jon had a fun birthday! It's really hard to find a good gift for a guy--I've always had trouble! He looks pretty happy with all that candy, so you've found the perfect thing! I've bought so much that is still sitting in the box! HA He'll eat all of this and enjoy it! good choice!
    I have no idea what you're about to stitch, but the floss colors are very pretty!
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. HAHAHA! I'm reading back through this, and what I meant to say was that I've bought so many GIFTS that just sat in the box (and weren't enjoyed!) No candy has EVER just sat in the box!!! HA HA HA!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jon: I would sing but dogs howl and the neighbors call the cops.
    I hope your daywas a fun day, loads of chocolate is the way to celebrate.
    Love the colors of thread you are teasing us with.

    Happy stitching

  3. Happy Birthday to Jon!! Glad to know that you all had a lovely time :)

  4. Happy Birthday Jon! I wish for you to have a very low pain weekend! I am envious of your gifts and cake too. HA! I am a chocoholic. ;)

  5. Smiles, sweet and chocolates galore = a wonderful birthday!!! Xoxox

  6. Happy Birthday to you Jon, and have a grand weekend hugs lynda ruth

  7. Congratulations Jon !!!
    Good health and happiness !!!
    Chocolate is the best man, hahaha, even for my:-))
    Mommy made ​​a beautiful cake, yum:-)
    I'm curious for a new beginning, the colors are amazing !!!

  8. Looks like a good fun day for Jon. Did he wear his badge from your card?

  9. Happy birthday Jon! good luck on your 'in-between" project, can't wait to see what it is. :) Happy stitching!


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