Thursday, 25 September 2014

I have been busy.....

Hello friends..

I have been stitching away in my stitching corner.... I am so happy as I have managed to finish off my mum's Prairie Schooler ornament for her.  I was experimenting with shapes and wanted to make something in a shape I have never created before... think I did an OK job :)What do you think?



I have learned so much from making this ornament, working with such a small thing was slightly tricky for me.  It actually took me a few days to complete as it was starting to frustrate me, and I had to put it down for a few days!  So pleased I stuck with it and finished it, just hope my mum likes it now.

It was Frances that got me hooked on making ornaments!  Thank You as they are a lot of fun :)  And oooh I also love Prairie Schooler now too!! Job done Frances!! ha aha ha

I have been working more on my pumpkins too...

Started like this...

And this is where I am now....

I am really enjoying these pumpkins a lot, the design has them in a another color.  For me I love the design but the color of the original pumpkins made no sense to me, hence why I changed them!  Do you know the design?  I bet you get it from the next part of the design!?

Oooohhhh yes!!!


Today I received a wonderful packet from my Round Robin partner Catherine, she sent me a wonderful sheep design and some 'nice happy things' too! :)

I think the sheep design she stitched is a Shepherds Bush design, its adorable :)

Here is the packet.. lovely paper :)

Cute adorable sheep...

And ooohhh 'nice' things! :)

Those buttons are so lovely... and these pegs are so tiny and cute too :)  Oh yes and look at the sparkly fabric to :)

Thank You ever so much Catherine, it was very kind of you to send me these 'happy' things too :)

I am very excited at my next Round Robin challenge... its so much fun to take part in.  Its been organized by the lovely June... at the top of my page I have a button showing all the Round Robin things so far and a link to June's blog to see more :)  So pleased I decided to join in :)

OK.... well Han and I nipped out today to get Jon a birthday gift.. ha ha it a fun one this year as he told us not to buy him anything!  As if!!  You will find out tomorrow as its his birthday tomorrow!  I will post photo's :)

Happy stitching everyone..

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Jacquie, your Christmas ornie finish looks great and your pumpkins are so bright and cheerful. Great gifts in the mail, too.

  2. Jaquie: I love the shape mof your ornament the fabric on the back is so sweet.
    I am sure your Mother will love it.
    I am so glad you like what I sent, It is a Shepherds Bush pattern it is the Lucky pattern I just tweeked it a little.
    I love buttons as do you I see.

    Happy stitching


  3. Jacquie, love the finish - the shape is interesting, looks like a bell! I am sure your mom will love it. And it will look great on the Christmas tree. )))
    Beautiful buttons and gifts!
    Happy stitching.

  4. Love your ornament finish! You did a great job on the special shape! Sometimes smalls take more time to complete them. Lovely gifts you received and beautiful stitched Shepherds Bush. What a fun exchange. love Annette

  5. sweet sweet santa finish..and very pretty gifts too.
    enjoy x

  6. Your ornament finish is perfect !! The pumpkins are looking bright and nice :) lovely gifts too .

  7. Love the Santa I am sure your Mum will love it!! Pumpkins are looking great!

  8. Your Christmas ornament is gorgeous Jacquie. I bet your Mum will love it.

    The pumpkins are looking great,

    Lovely exchange.

  9. Your ornament is perfect and I'm sure your mum will be thrilled with it ;)
    Love your little pumpkins, they are all growing nicely!
    Sweet parcel too xoxo

  10. Good for you! I think that shape is just perfect for your mum's ornament. What fantastic gifts from Catherine.

  11. lovely gift for your mom love the shape well done , lovely R/R hugs.

  12. Gift for your mom is gorgeous, definitely will enjoy it !!!
    Pumpkin accrue, how many will? I'm curious!
    I look forward to tomorrow, for a gift for Jon :-))

  13. OH! You know I love Prairie Schooler, and your ornament is great! I'm sure your mother will love it! I want to stitch some of those Santas--it's a cute chart! I'll put that on my list of to-do things!
    Glad you're enjoying ornaments!! I really like to stitch them--they work up fast and the finishing is also a fun part of the process. I love doing my 'year-round' tree, and ornaments are just a constant project!
    That's a lovely package from Catherine! Precious sheep and other goodies! I really like those very unique buttons!
    I'm anxious to hear what Jon's gift was!!! Hope it's been a fun day for all of you!


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