Thursday, 11 September 2014

Did you miss me?

Hello friends... 

It feels like I have been away for so so long... too long :(

I am not that well... not 100% I guess I am about 60 % ish... maybe less... still have no energy but this time I have no iron supplements so not really helping myself either.  Just feel rather washed out and tired all the time.  I know its my anemia that is causing it.  It all started to go down hill on the 25 th of August and well I am hoping things start to improve soon... 

So when I am able to concentrate I have been doing a little stitching.. not a lot I might add as I just have no energy...

Before I became ill this time I did manage to make a few things and post them out... as some are aware.

The lovely Frances sent me some delightful bee fabric and some other lovely bits so thought I would send her and her new cat Dolce a 'happy' parcel to say Thank You...

Here is what I made her and posted...

I really like Red Brolly and the lovely designs... I found this cute cat on called "Tea With Brutus" so stitched it for Frances to put her mug on!

The mug mat...

I also enclosed some patriotic ric rak and a cute bee ribbon and a few goodies for Dolce too...

I know Frances has received this and is thrilled... and Dolce too! :)  Your very Welcome Frances... Thank You once again for the lovely fabric you sent me xx

I did post out another packet... to Kim... to Thank her for the cute sheep design she sent me... and no I have not had a chance to work any more on them yet :(

Here is what I made for Kim...

Its a pin cushion with a cute design called "Needles and Pins" Designed by Kaaren Johnston 2012 here is the link to her blog... HERE

And now to my stitching... what I have done whilst being poorly...

I did want to show you all what I stitched for Catherine for the Round Robin... I have not had confirmation she has received it yet :(  Maybe next post?

You probably guessed that it would be a Blue Ribbon Design!  ha ha a Well see I had my digital copy of Just Cross Stitching Christmas Ornament Special 2014... and WOW!! Lots of wonderful things to stitch in there...

And well thought I would make my first ever Christmas tree ornament....

From start to finish... lol I only finished it this evening!

I changed the wording slightly... it should read.. Peace on Earth, but I changed it.

It was a lot of fun t stitch and being a little design I felt I could just stitch a little as and when I felt able to.  I used the floss to do the twisted bit around the edge... first time I have done this.  I think all in all I am really happy with this.

Maybe I should stitch another little design.. as its not so daunting at the moment... then when I am feeling better I can get back to my 'other' stitching projects :)

Thank You all ever so much for you lovely messages... I have not had a chance to pop around all your blogs yet to catch up... I will over the next few days.

I will see how things are.. if I am up to it I will post again tomorrow.... and thin take it day by day I think... if that is ok?  But rest assured if I miss a day please dont think I am not coming back... I LOVE blogging!!  And will return!

Smiles to you all :)

Oooh yes and its almost the weekend!! :)

Happy stitching :)

xx  :) xx


  1. So sorry you're still feeling poorly. Don't worry about how often you blog; we love your posts and will be waiting until you feel better. I'm sure you won't lose any followers!

    Your stitching is all beautiful, as always, and your fabric for the ornament backing is perfect for the design. I don't think there's anything you can try that you won't excel at!

    Take care of yourself and feel well soon.

  2. Hope you will soon feel much better .

    I only blog about once a week now , sometimes twice if I can't show every thing.

    Your work looks wonderful , rest up and take your time send hugs & xxx.

  3. I hope you are feeling better soon...your stitching is beautiful, love the Christmas decoration.
    Rest up and get better soon.

  4. Get well {hugs} to you Jacqui, hope you are soon feeling much better.
    Super redwork parcels you sent out, they were lovely.
    Fabulous ornament, finished so beautifully.
    I've blogged a lot less over the summer, too much happening and no time (as well as a slump in the stitching time)

  5. I hope you are feeling much better soon
    Sending you big hugs x

  6. Don't worry about how often you blog... the more important is for you to get better :)
    Great redwork for the girls. I had seen Kim's on her blog, it really pretty!
    Your Christmas ornament is great and the fabric you have used for the back is a perfect match. xox

  7. Such wonderful gifts you have made and given. I hope you take good care of yourself! There is only one you!

  8. Oh, Jacquie - I'm so very sorry you've felt so unwell. Please, please take care of yourself. You are such a sweet, special lady - it kind of hurts when I hear my bloggy-stitchy friends are under the weather. As you well know, I love, LOVE the gift you made for me. It sits in my studio/office where I see it every day - next to the lovely tea bag pocket you sent me. Take care, my friend.
    Cyber hugs XXXXX

  9. Sorry you've been poorly, hope you soon feel better. Don't worry about blogging, most people don't manage daily. Thankfully or I'd never get any stitching done for reading blogs LOL

    I love the BRD Christmas piece, nice finish too. I am waiting for the paper copy iof the magazine to arrive. Still stitching Hallowe'en anyway.

  10. Lovely gifts you created and I love the BRD ornament you stitched up and finished. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly! I do hope you get to feeling better soon.

    Robin in Virginia

  11. Jacquie, pay close attention to yourself and to heal! All will be well again. Your blogger - friends await you and look forward to your posts:-))
    Weekend rest, the energy comes, you have to believe:-)

  12. SO very sorry you've been sick--hope you'll bounce back really fast and feel better soon!
    I am so enjoying my lovely gifts!!! I cannot thank you enough, and you know that Dolce has finished one pack of her treats and started on the other!!! Happy kitty!!!
    Your ornament finish is lovely! At this rate, you'll have a tree full of ornaments you've made! That is so much fun!!!! I love them!
    Hope you have a relaxing weekend and are able to feel better quick!!!

  13. Your little ornament is looking wonderful and your have found the perfect backing fabric. I also love the gifts you made.
    Hopefully your will feel better and better and soon be 100% again.

  14. Lovely projects....hope you are feeling better...

  15. Beautiful Christmas ornament - and such a great finish!
    Get better soon... and take care of yourself.

  16. Hi Jacquie, sorry to hear that you are poorly. But at least you have your lovely stitching. It is gorgeous.


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