Monday, 29 September 2014


Hello friends...

I did not post yesterday as I lost track of time... honestly!  

One minute it was 9 pm and I was thinking of making a blog post and then when I looked again it was after 2 am! OMG!!

I seriously have no clue where the time went.... Jon and Han just say status normal as its well known I have no concept of time! 

So yes I was stitching away until the wee hours... ha ha now that is a rather funny thing for me to come out with!  Maybe as I have heard a Scottish accent recently and it just popped out!  Still rather funny!

Well I was still working on my pumpkins.....

I guess you all want to know who the designer is by now?  OK!!

Its a Country Cottage Needleworks design called "Be Thankful".. and as I have said in other updates I have changed a few things.  I changed the color of the pumpkins... as you will see from my photo where the chart is... they are white and I just could not get on with that as I have never seen white pumpkins!  So yes I changed them!  I chose the color of them and I think they work brilliantly.

Changing things from the original chart, like the colors or even what they recommend to stitch on has always been a no no for me ... until now!  I belong to a group on Facebook for Country Cottage Needlework lovers and posted my stitching in there.  I was actually blown away at all the wonderful supportive comments.  I now understand that it is fine to change colors and much more... I think for me the reason I had not changed things was due to the fact I may offend the designer.  I mean all that work they take designing these wonderful charts.. for me to come along and alter it! :(  hmmmm 

What is your view on this?

So here is my up dated stitching...

And with the chart....

I want to finish this project before embarking... ha love that word!  Anyway.... yes before I start another.  Oh but starting new projects is such a thrill... do you think that too?  How very naughty of me!  I do have a stitch I want to do.... I have had the fabric and ribbon and buttons for ages and really want to start it.... eeeeekkkk!  After this one!

I should really finish my 'Happy' stitch I was doing..

This one.. the lovely Blue Ribbon design "Find Your Happy Place"...

When being ill.... as I still am I find my eye sight is not as clear as it usually is and I cannot concentrate on the finer fabrics to stitch on.  I really dont have a lot left of this to stitch but I just cannot concentrate at the moment on it :(  I try every couple of days... 

Its not forgotten about... its just resting!

The other project I seriously need to finish is this one...

Its called "Sampler Game Board" by The Drawn Thread...

I am over half done on this....

I must have some kind of stitching block.. you know where I like to start but not finish projects?!  ha h a

OK... I NEED to finish this too!

Oh my word... are any of you like this?  Is this normal?

Until tomorrow.....

Happy stitching!

Smiles :)


  1. You are so funny - I think most (if not ALL) stitchers struggle with the same predicament. Your projects are all adorable - love to see and hear of your progress on each and every one. Take care of yourself

  2. Be thankful looks great. I wish I could get away with stitching into the wee hours... but I start work early at 7:30 am!!!

  3. You truly are a night owl. Not me. I am an early bird. ;)
    I like the orange pumpkins. White pumpkins are pretty, and yes, I see them. They are trendy right now, so I don't buy them. They cost more you know.
    Yes, you need to get back to Happy Place. ;)

  4. The orange pumpkins look great! You picked really pretty colors that go together well!
    I'm a night owl myself, and that's when I accomplish most things! However, I do hate mornings because they come awfully early!
    You'll get back to that other'll be waiting for you when you're ready!!!

  5. Love, love, love your orange pumpkins on the lovely linen you chose, truly gorgeous. I do like the white pumpkins as well, probably because I am a white colour fan.I used to stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning but not now, have got over that.Like the Sampler Game Board stitchery. Hugs Shirley N.Z.

  6. Your orange pumpkins look really great. I also love the white ones on the chart but on your fabric ornage is the better colour. I change colours and fabrics just the way I feel good with them.
    You have some lovely projects on the go.

  7. I love both your pumpkins version and the original too :)
    I think all stitchers love a new start!!! That is why I tend to work more on smalls rather than big projects... and tend to get bored after a while :D

  8. Jacquie, your pumpkins are better than the model !!!
    Do not worry, you're completely normal !!!
    If not, I'm not normal, hahaha
    Do you have big plans:-))
    I keep my fingers, let all true!

  9. Your pumpkins look great! Most designers are quite happy for you to change the colours and adapt the patterns as you like. It is un-nerving the first time you show a piece because you are never sure how they will take it. But if they don't like it, then tough! Unless you are claiming it as your own design, it is for your pleasure and your's alone.


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