Monday, 15 September 2014

I have been nominated..... eeeeeeekkkk!

Well I am slightly stunned.... in a good way!  I have been nominated by the lovely Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

I feel really honored to be of chosen... Thank You Jo :)

Ok so what is this "One Lovely Blog Award?"...... me being me I need to understand this :)

There are rules....

1. Thank the person that nominated you and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Nominate bloggers you admire.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

Oooh I have covered number 1. already! Yes Thank You Jo :)

Oooh now here is the tricky part.... 7 things about myself...eeeeeeek!! hmmm.. thinking!


After thinking about this I think I have come up with the perfect thing for me.... 

Like Jo I have opted to share some photo's with you all...

I will share 7 things with you about myself... 

1. I love to do things on impulse.. all the time!  And well once I get an idea in my head I have to run with it!  I would like to share something with you all I that I did whist in France.  Yes I lived there for 5 years and loved it....
I was out and bout and a random person held up a piece of card saying free hugs.... so me being me... I went and got one! of course!

And Jon is the person.. ha ha always the person behind the camera!

2.  A little while ago Han had to have a head operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital and well as she had to have her head shaved off... I wanted to support her, so I offered to get all of my hair shaved off too!  The first photo is of us both having a giggle with  messy hair... before it all got cut off!

By cutting all our hair off we raised a lot of money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity too.

Some during the cut.... dont look at the grey hair!

And yes I thought it rather funny having a moustash made from all the hair that had just been cut off! ha ha 

Here is the 'after' photo of us both....

And Han at the hospital... yes you guessed it Koala ward! 

Han still goes for check ups.. they really dont know what causes her bone to grow more in her head?  But we say its because she is special! :)

3. Yes I like to be silly... I think laughter and smiles have got me through a lot and well I love the feeling they give me, I guess this is why I do it a lot!

4.  Some of you know I have learning difficulties.. for those that do not know I have dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.  They are me and well affect my daily life in some why or another... 
My dyspraxia (clumsiness) or accident proneness is something that all my family totally understand with me.  Not so long ago I had a really bad accident where I could not judge how far the door had to be closed... I closed it.. a glass door... and well put my right arm straight through it.  This has to be the worst thing I have ever done... our house resembled a scene from CSI! 

As a result of my accident I severed and cut nerves in my wrist and arm and needed several operations to put it right.  I have a 'nice' scar... well a few actually.  And I tell people its when a shark attacked me! ha ha ah a I still to this day have nerve damage and loss of feeling in my right (dominant) hand and wrist and fingers.

All bandaged up...

And then afterwards, and pretty much what it looks like now...

I know I have this condition where I bump into things and fall down things.. I try not to... but still injure myself regardless... I have just accepted this now and live with it.

5. As you all know I love experimenting and being creative... this has to be my best moment yet!  I can knit..just!  And well Han had some flavored jelly laces and I well knitted them together!

6. Not sure if you all know but one of my nick names within our family is Murtle Turtle.... just something that stuck over the years.  And I think it may be because I like turtles?!  Well whilst on a jolly to Andorra when living in Southern France I wanted to make a snow turtle.. thats right, not an angel!

Do you think I pulled it off?

7.  The last photo I would like to leave you all with is one I like as when I look at it I think I am thinking and contemplating things... taken at a Roman amphitheater entrance in Spain..

There is so so many more things I would love to share with you all... I hope you likes my 7 things?  All pretty random things as I feel they reflect me.... and my life... as a times I do pretty random things... things that make me happy I guess... life is too short :)

And for me, I love to see others smile... if I can do that I think that is truly amazing and think awesome.

OK....enough about me!! ha ha a

I have to nominate now... 

There are so many I would like to.... so many lovely people out there....

The person I would like to nominate is a really lovely person... always a kind word to share and oooh yes the stitching ,.... WOW!! I am so so inspired every time one of her blog posts pops up.  She stitches wonderfully and her finishing skills are something I aspire to.  This person is actually French but I understand has settled to live in England.  Not that you can tell as her English is perfect.  I dont know this person in person... only through blogging.  There is always wonderful things going on in her blog... I hope she does not mind me nominating her?

If you would like to see who I have nominated... pop along HERE

If you do pop along.. please say hello from me :) 

Thank you and I hope you liked this special post today :)

Smiles :)


  1. Congratulations on your nomination !!!
    You deserve it !!!
    I rejoice with you:-))
    I like your cheerfulness, joy of life:-))

  2. Oh I am so happy that I nominated you! This was an amazing post, even if my toes did curl at the sight of your poor arm.
    I cannot get over how much the shaved heads suit you too as well, gorgeous Demi Moore look-a-likes!
    Now going to find out who you chose to be next.

  3. I knew it!! I guessed you when I read Jo's post. And I guessed Mii when I read this post. :) I enjoyed learning more about you Jacquie.

  4. Great post ! Glad to discover your blog with JO nomination, lot of fun reading you, pictures are great too. Love jelly laces knitted, I must try to do it. Amitiés et calins ;)

  5. Congratulations on the award! Your post is very interesting, I feel I know more about you now. You look very nice giving and getting "free hugs" - but why are all the people around you two look so.. concerned? :)
    Thank you for sharing, and for the links! I discovered 2 wonderful stitchy blogs today thanks to your post. :) Happy stitching!

  6. Great post!! Thank you so much for nominating Mii :)
    I found it soooo hard to choose one blogger, to me they are all special in their own ways!

  7. Congrats on the award

  8. Ah bless you, this was a great post. I have never, ever seen a snow turtle before but I have to say, I much prefer them to snow angels. They are really cool!

  9. Congrats!! Thanks for sharing about you! It is inspirational that even after so many things bothering your health, you are so fun loving and lively :) just like you, I too enjoy making funny faces and voices but I do that only with my 11 years old daughter and I am glad I make her laugh a lot :) but I am too shy to click my pics and don't let anyone do that either.

  10. This was such an interesting post, I feel like I know more about you now and just how much you've been through. Thank you for sharing, it was great to see the pics :)
    Best wishes.


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