Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hello wonderful happy friends :)

I have been busy.. I guess!  Still trying to sort out my PC.... 

I am still trying to gain more energy to boost my iron levels back up.  Han bless her heard me say that dark chocolate is good for me, it helps boost energy and has a source of iron too!  So Han being Han went and bought m some chocolate... ha h a she said she could not decide which ones to buy so bought them all!


I am sure this little bundle will last me a while!  Thank You Han :)

I had to take Han and her friend Morgan to a concert in Brighton yesterday... to see Alt-J ... a music band.  Not my thing.. but hey they loved it!

Here are some photos's Han took, I liked all the different color lighting used :)

So we were not back till after 11.00 pm from that so was too late to blog.. doing the catch up, up date now :)

Today Han went to get another tattoo... its Han's body and she knows she has to live with the rest of her life.  And I am fine with that... hmmm my parents, her grandparents... different story!  Han is her own unique person and if it makes her happy ... why not!

Here it is..

OK... to some stitching now...

I am carrying on with my pumpkins... done a little more....

Do you know the design?  Maybe I should stitch some more!

And yes whilst on the subject of stitching... remember the lovely Prairie Schooler ornament I did for my mum?  Well I was undecided how to finish it... I bought something to maybe experiment with ...

The design...

And oooh yes look what I got...I am sure I will have a lot of fun with this!

And well I have one more thing on my mind...

Its Jon's birthday this Friday... I have no clue what to buy him!?  Suggestions?  Please!!

Ok... until tomorrow... happy stitching :)

Smiles to you all :)


  1. Jacquie, I hope you will help Lindt chocolate !!!
    I think that this is the best chocolate in the world:-)
    I love bitter Lindt (90%)-))
    Your pumpkins are gorgeous, beautiful orange color :-)
    The concert looks cool!

  2. I have that glue gun too :D
    Guess what?? This is my hubby's birthday too on Friday... and my dad!!! How weird!!
    Gifts will be rugby tickets and Lego :)
    Hugs xxx

  3. oooo you could always share it with me ... adore dark chocolate and it is good for you ...
    love the pumpkins ... is it pumpkins row ?? concert looked like a good time was had by all ... my DD's both sport one tattoo each ... hmmmm gift I bought (chipped in ) to by DH a new shotgun for his business (he does pest control) .. hope you find a good solution :) love mouse xxxx
    ps I have a glue gun too very useful in doing sweet bouquets ;)

  4. Love those cute pumpkins! Colors are so pretty!
    And you know I love Prairie Schooler, so I am anxious to see what you do with that cute Santa!
    I don't know what type of gift to suggest. I saw a "brew your own beer" thing at Williams Sonoma today. Somehow that sounds like I'll be mopping forever, but I may have to resort to that for Christmas because I can't think of anything else!!! LOL

  5. Love your glue gun and its pink love it.
    Your pumpkins are comiong along so well, love the Sanat, hope to see it finished soon.
    My cousin does tattoos he has won world wide awards, he is good.
    Have a pleasant day.



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