Friday, 19 September 2014

Lovely day.... you think?

Hello lovely friends :)

Hope you are all well, smiling and stitching?!

Yes today is a wonderful day as it is Friday Night Sew In!!  As it just happens I have been really busy all day, with one stitch thing or another!  And I will be stitching tonight too :)  Oooh I just love to stitch :)

So onto something I have been wanting to show you all ever since I finished it!! But just could not as I sent it off to my Round Robin partner Catherine :)

Here is what I stitched for her...

Its a letter design from one of my stitching books... I saw it and knew it was ok to stitch Catherine's initial so stitched it!  I am really thrilled with how it turned out and I love the colors too.

I sent this with a few 'other' bits .... you know ribbon, lace, buttons that type of thing :)  

Ok onto some more stitching...

As you all know I have finished my Lizzie Kate Snowman '10 now and was looking to 'finish' it today... I have now done so..

What do you think? Here it is, start to finish...

Having been the first time I have stitched anything like this before .... I dont think its that bad... I think now its finished I can criticize it!!  Well maybe I would of moved the design over slightly and maybe even put it in the middle?  Oooh the possibilities!  I know for next time! ha ha It was so enjoyable to do though... I loved it :)  Not bad.... and the whole point I do something different is to learn and make new things... I love learning :)

Onto more, yes more stitching!! 

This is my new project... a little clue! ha ha ha 

This is that fabric that I thought just did not suit the last project.. but I think works for this one.  Its 18 count Aida in Putty color....  Hope you like what I am stitching?!  I will be doing it tonight through the Friday Night Sew In with Friends :)

So my post tomorrow may be a bit clearer!

Well must dash as I have some stitching to do!

Smiles to you all :)



  1. Love your R/R stitching it's beautiful ,and your snowman is looking beautiful .
    Enjoy your stitching night hugs.

  2. Wow, how wonderful! Snowman has a beautiful ending, so pure .....
    I understand you, Jacquie, and I always look forward to the evening when I embroider:-))
    So I like:-))
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. ooOoo! That initial is fabulous!
    I think the snowman finish is grand. Really I do!

  4. I love the package you sent me the enitial is beautiful, it is lovlier in person.
    Thank-you for all the goodies, I have posted what you sent me on my blog.
    Love the finish on your Lizzie Kate, the fabric is so sweet with the Snowman.


  5. That snowman pillow is wonderful! Just looks great! I love the style and finish!!! YAY!!!
    Your initial for Catherine is lovely! I'm sure she is so pleased!!! another YAY!!
    Finally, I have no idea what your new design is....the putty colored fabric is nice...the design sorta looks like an old-fashioned parking meter! HA HA HA But I've never seen a white one!!! HA HA Ours are green now--used to be silver!!! But I'll give you a third YAY!!! for that!!!
    Have a nice stitching night!

  6. The initial you stitched is beautiful!! Your snowman pillow is over the moon - WOW I love it so much!!! Fantastic finishing!! Off for me to stitch for our FNSI! love Annette

  7. Tu as vraiment beaucoup travaillé cette semaine!
    c'est impressionnant;le bonhomme de neige est devenu splendide!il est heureux maintenant.
    Nous n'aurons pas longtemps a attendre pour le nouveau projet....j'ai hâte de voir
    bonne petites xxxxxxx

  8. oooooooooooooo lucky you ... stitching time ... NOT!! jealous or anything heheheheh .... beautiful finish ... love how you have done that ... think I shall bob over for some lessons and that C is really pretty too ... hummmm new start no idea but it looks good love mouse xxxxx

  9. Your RR stitching is beautiful! And I love, LOVE the snowman and the finish! Well done.

  10. Hi Jacquie... wow some gorgeous stitching going on here.. love the little snowman... I'm glad that the Travelling Pattern finally found a next home to go to...

  11. Your LK pillow looks great, I love the combination of fabric and trim you've used :)
    Best wishes.

  12. Beautiful c and the snowman finish is just gorgeous!


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