Sunday, 21 September 2014

Happy...but of course :)

Hello lovely people...

I am sorry I am late with my update but I have had major issues with my PC today :(  I was using Chrome as my browser and well it was causing lots of issues.  Jon being my PC expert tried to fix the issues but sadly could not so now I am using Firefox as my browser... lets hope this one works better.

Ooooh yes Friday was Friday Night Sew In... I just love it as its quite a surreal feeling knowing that virtual friends are stitching all over the world at the same time as me.

Bet you all want to know what I have been stitching?

Sure OK I will show you!

Here is what I showed you all yesterday ... what I started...

Then I carried on stitching...

Not a lot left to stitch now... just the green outer shape then its done ready to make into a Christmas ornament... for my mums Christmas tree :)  Mum wanted a traditional ornament to put on her tree so this is what I come up with.

If your not sure what the design is... its Prairie Schooler Book No.48 A Christmas Visit... I chose one of the Santa Clauses from there.

Well continuing with trying to get more iron into me at any opportunity I can, I bought something that really looked yummy today...Han spotted it!

Its called Nutty Super Wholefood Salad...

 Let me tell you all it was delicious... I really mean that.  Of course I am still taking my Spatone apple supplements ... I am hopeful that my iron levels are starting to increase now.

With all this extra time on my hands, I think... oh not about anything in particular... just things!  And well do you know I am feeling really happy right now :)  Do you all want to know why?  Oh its a silly answer really... but one that makes me smile lots.  Because I amaze myself ... its really hard for me to stitch, I wish I could explain things for you all to try to understand how hard it is for me to sew and stitch... I will try.

Well forget following instructions written or verbal... I find when people try to explain things to me they talk quick and I just cannot take it in at all.  Its almost like the person telling me is talking another language and I cannot understand them.  I find this with a lot of things in my daily life... I get really frustrated because of this.  So written instructions... hmm if its on white paper forget it! Even written instructions on colored paper I struggle with sometimes as I dont fully understand what I am to do... or when I am to do it.. sure it could be numbered.  But I tend to over read things and somethings just dont stick so I get frustrated.  

I am what you call a kinesthetic learner.... I like to touch and feel what I am doing and try to understand what I am touching before I do anything with it.  I learn best by people showing my and me trying at the same time, I have short term memory and a really bad working memory issues too so to be shown a lot of things and then to do them I just cannot do.  

So you see being self taught... everything to do with stitching, I am self taught.  I sat for hours and I mean hours teaching myself how to cross stitch, I wanted to do it so bad, I loved the amazing things people created and wanted to do it too.  I had lots of frustrated failures, but I never gave up.  Even to this day I still get very frustrated... and yes that means I throw  my stitching across the room!  I think I like it so much because for me its repetitive.. and I love repetitiveness.

So you see... I am happy because for me every day I stitch is amazing and I still cannot believe I can do it!  I try that is the main thing for me, sometimes its not very good what I do.. but that is really good for me as I learn form that... and next time I do it I have some understanding ha ha if I remember!  And with stitching every day is a challenge for me... but I love it!

OMG!! sorry went off on a tangent there!  I guess I just want you to understand a little more about me ... me the stitcher :)

Hmmmm enough I think?!

OK... happy stitching everyone 

Smiles :)


  1. Jacquie: Your Sanat is so sweet, I do love salads, I eat moctly vegetables and fruits, very little meat hard to digest, I take iron supplements beacuse I eat hardly any red meat.
    I taught myself to stitch waaaaay back in the early seventies, I was a slow learner but really wanted to learn, now I am hooked really hooked.


  2. Lovely cross stitch you should be proud of yourself for not giving in.

  3. What a sweet ornament that will be for your Mum. And we know she understands and appreciates your hard work on it!
    Your salad looks delicious. I eat salads similar to that every week.

  4. Love the Prairie Schooler ornament and the salad looks delicious too! I need to get more Iron as well, I am taking supplements but need to be more conscious of what I am eating too.

  5. I love Prairie's Santas:I've got some booklets tii. By the way, that salad looks so tasty but maybe not suitable to diet?!

  6. Salad does look yummy! I think it is so amazing that even with the hard time you have learning how to do things, you stay right with it and do beautiful work. Way to go girlfriend!

  7. Santa will come out perfectly!
    Salad would I put myself, looks great, yummy ...
    You can be proud of yourself for several reasons.
    Sam you learned to embroider. And how many lose weight !!!
    That I admire you !!!!!

  8. Your Santa is great, you are really speedy and your finishing is lovely.
    Long before our little one was diagnosed one of my older son's friends was watching him toddle around the playground touching everything. She announced "C is Bodily Kinesthetic" because they had been doing different learning types in school.
    I do like to tell people that an 8 year old girl was the first person to diagnose him LOL.


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