Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Exciting news....

OMG!! Apparently it really is the 1st of October today!  Where is this year going??  I think it is passing so quickly... but hey I would think that as remember I have no actual concept of time! ha aha 

I have been doing some thinking.... about me and things I would like to do... do you want to hear what I have decided to do?  Its really quite exciting.

At my 'ripe' old age .... I have decided to go to university!  Seriously....

After thinking about what I want out of life and what I want to do with my time, I decided I would like to do something that I love and am passionate about.  So the course I am going to do is called BA (Hons) Textile Design.. and its a 3 year degree course.  

I have looked into it lots and know I will really enjoy it... I have to apply through UCAS, a central place where I put my application together and then it goes to the university.  My application has to be in by January 2015... as I am planning to start September 2015.  As I have hinted that I am no spring chicken I can apply under the grounds of a mature student :) There is also help with my SpLd's, a lot of help actually.  And as my short term and working memory is really awful I am thrilled, no over the moon that there are no exams!  Its all based on work done and constantly assessed.

The college where I live is having an open day for the course I am really interested in on the 24th and 25th October and I am really excited about that!  I can ask a heap of questions and see previous students work.

I guess your all wondering what I want out of this?  Well as you all know I really do love experimenting and trying new things.  I really love the idea that I can design and make my own fabrics... then create things.  Just really exciting... and I love to learn.  I dont think I have finished with learning as I missed out on so much of is as I was not understood as a child with my SpLd's.  Time to make up for it now!  I will keep you all posted as and what happens.

So on the stitching side of things what have I been up to?

I have been plodding on with my Country Cottage Needleworks design called "Be Thankful"... its almost finished.  I only have the top section to do now.

Here is where I am now.

The lighting is all wrong.... I took it not so long that means after midnight! ha ha ah a

Yes :(  Looking at the clock on my PC I see that it is 1.01 am!  ha h ah a  I dont plan these things, it just happens.  And well Jon does not help as he is an insomniac!

More stitching tomorrow... I hope to finish it... that will be nice :)

Then ooooohhhh.... wonder what will be next?

I have a new Round Robin partner, but as yes unsure what to stitch.... all I know is that it is to be on white evenweave and the stitch to be garden/flowers.  Interesting..... I cannot wait to see what I come up with.  I think I have a lovely design picked out... but not going to start it as I dont know what my partner likes.. you know regarding colors and designs.  All is well as I have communicated with my next partner... just waiting to hear what they like now :)   I love taking part in the Round Robin, its been a lot of fun and I cannot wait to 'make' something with all those wonderful sheep everyone has sent me :)

Ok... I am going now!

Happy stitching and smiles to you all....

It just occurred to me.. I am going to bed now but some of you are just getting up or been up a while!  How cool is that!  Totally awesome and really hard to get my head around!

Till later xx


  1. Happy October, and congratulations on your new wish to go to universary , I know you will do very well.
    Love your new stitching lovely orange colour.

  2. Nice progress on your stitching piece. And wow, what a decision to take a class at university. I wish you all the best of luck for your application.

  3. What an exciting opportunity! Best of luck with your application. Your CCN design is coming along a treat, I think the colour choice is much better than the original :)
    Best wishes.

  4. Best of luck with the course! It's promising to be interesting for sure :)
    Lovely progress on your pumpkins design xox

  5. That is very exciting Jacquie! I am looking forward to the open days myself. Can't wait to find out what you discover. =)

  6. Oh, Jacquie - HOW EXCITING!! I'm so happy for you. Can hardly wait to hear all about your adventure as you move through the program and see what you create. Lovely progress on your stitching, as well. Take care, my friend.

  7. Best of luck dear :)
    Happy October xx

  8. Wow Jacquie, what a wonderful new life adventure this study will be for you!
    um, is it ok to ask... what is SpLd?

  9. Lovely pumpkins and what an awesome subject to study at Uni Jacquie - good for you, no wonder you are excited :)!

  10. Your stitching is really coming along--what pretty colors you have chosen!
    How exciting about university!!! You may remember that I will be graduating in an even more "ripe" age than you!! HA HA Anyway, it's the best thing I ever did--should have done it sooner! You will do well and be very happy, I'm sure. And I love your major subject! What fun!

  11. Congratulations on your decision to go to Uni! Good luck, and keep us all posted. :)
    Very colorful pumpkins. Happy October!

  12. Hello Jacqui .... I've had a marathon catching up reading session here ... what a lot of things you've been up to. Belated (very late) birthday wishes to Jon. I'm not a tattoo fan either, my daughter has one on her leg, as you say its their choice they have to live with it. The pumpkins looks super, a great autumnal stitching project. Well done the Prairie Schooler ornament, its hard to make curved ornaments yours turned out so lovely, mum will love it.
    Good luck in your studies at University, there'll be lots more things for us all to see here when you start that course.
    Love and {hugs} x

  13. Jacquie, Congratulations on your decision to study at the University !!!!
    Your pumpkins are gorgeous:-)

  14. Awesome news re going back to uni - it will be so wonderful for you. Good luck with the application.
    Your pumpkins are looking good, too.

  15. How exciting that you are planning to go to Uni and have found the perfect course. You will enjoy experimenting with all the different techniques.
    Loads of my friends have gone to uni as mature students and really enjoyed it.
    There is a new course in SEN and Disablity which a couple are planning on starting next year.


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