Sunday, 28 December 2014

A rather odd update....

*** sorry this post ended rather quickly... I have not the. Faintest idea how to sort it out.... So I did as far as I could... And when I get back on my PC, I will post a 'better' up date! Please accept my appologies for this. ***

Hello wonderful friends.....

I do hope your all well and enjoying Christmas.

Ooooh I am so sorry for this what seems a rather odd update... See I am on my iPad and well nothing is where it usually is when I write posts on my PC!  Aarrrrrgghhh!!

I am trying...

I have changed the colour a few times, but keeps typing in black :( I am not sure what colour it will be when I post this!  Ha ha a surprise! Lol

Yes I am sorry been missing a few days now :(

Soaking up the christmasness I guess!

As you all know we all went out Christmas eve for dinner as our family does!  And enjoyed a lovely meal, celebrating our anniversary too.  Yes thank you all very much for your comments :)

Then Christmas day Han, jon and I went round to my parents home for a Christmas Buffett and quality time.  Yes I did say buffet!  See I don't like Christmas dinner, don't eat meat, don't like Christmas cake, or pudding.... Infact I totally dislike Christmas food!  So my parents lay on a buffet, a kind of help yourself kind of thing.  Oh my mum still puts meats out, cold meats, cooked ham, she does herself, beef and chicken... With other bits, sausage rolls, pigs in blankets (ewe) yes you know sausages with bacon wrapped around.  Cheese board, crackers, pickles, pickled onions, vol-e-vonts filled with prawns (mmm) and special triangle sandwiches just for me made with granary bread filled with egg ( as I need the protein!). Oh and a few other little bits.... So yes everyone just helps themselves!

After all that there was cake... Yes Christmas cake for them, chocolate cake for Han, as she does not like Christmas cake!  No chocolate cake for me as I don't like it!  I could of had cheese cake, but was not hungry.

I mostly ate my specially made sandwiches with some beetroot and prawn vol-e-vonts... Mmmm I think as it's available all day as and when you want it, I tend to eat less I think.  Well I know I did all day!!

We all had fun, my mum surprised us all by dressing up as Mrs Santa, bringing her black sack and giving out presents!! It was so much fun.  Yes we all had presents and that was really lovely watching people's faces as they opened things up. I will post some photos when I am next on my PC...

My darling husband is so sweet, he bought me some really wonderful things, yes stitching things too which I am so excited about.

Then when it was dark.... And cold I might add!  We all headed home, to relax at home.  And funnily enough this is where I have stayed ever since!  Han and I did think yes think about venturing out to the Boxing Day sales but decided against it when we felt how cold the weather was!! Ha ha terrible I know!

So I have stayed in....

Doing what you may ask....

Ha ha ha aha



  1. Stitching sound like the best thing to be doing.....I can't understand people going out and queuing for the Boxing day sales....but then I do not like crowds! Lol! Sounds like there was wonderful choice for your Christmas dinner with your family. At the beach now and heading for a BBQ tomorrow! Prawns on the barbie!! Lol!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas , hugs.

  3. Yes, it sounds like a wonderful Christmas indeed!

  4. Christmas with the family are the most beautiful!
    Your Christmas with parents !!! Super!
    Mama as Santa:-))))

  5. Sounds like the perfect family Christmas celebration.

  6. What a wonderful time! I love staying in AND stitching. That's sounds like the best plan to me.


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