Friday, 12 December 2014

Finding my Happy Place....

Hello wonderful friends...

I am so overwhelmed with all your get well happy wishes for me, Thank You so much :)

Its true I am not well at all..

No I dont have a bug, I dont have flu or any other bug.. its my severe anemia draining me again.   I am however still waiting to hear from the hospital to go for iron injections.. lets hope they contact me soon!  

It is absolutely crazy how having very low level of iron affects you.. I mean for me, and I know some of you suffer with this too.  For me it renders me totally useless, not even enough strength to walk across the room and everything is such an effort.  I cannot fix this, I have to deal with it as it comes and sure I take an iron supplement but sadly its just not enough.   When I still have to go places, I took Han to her specialist appointment recently .. OH MY!  Well that outing left me utterly worn out.  But oh the news was not so good for Han.. it appears she has to learn to cope, manage and live with her condition as its just not fixable.  The physio she was getting at the hospital a while ago,.. she should not of had it.. and all the medication the doctors have prescribed her are basically useless!  Well we knew that!  It is a shame that Han cannot do anything about her back condition, it cannot be fixed with surgery... so the pain management team are helping her to 'live' with it.  And sadly her condition will deteriorate over time.  She basically has no gel/fluid around the lower  disks of the bottom of her spine.  The discs are grinding and grating together and trapping nerves.. they have not given her a 'label' or a condition as such.. just that its a long term chronic back condition.

So with Han like this and well Jon basically very similar with his 5 discs out and not fixable either....and me with my anemia we are all just falling apart.  

Needless to say I am hoping 2015 will be a better year.

Ok so enough of this!!

I did try to find my happy place and do some stitching, I find that it really does help.  And takes me away from everything for a little while :)

So talking of happy places... 

Yes I stitched a little more of mine!

Remember this?

I dont blame you if you dont, I did start it oooh a while back now..

Its my wonderful Blue Ribbon Design called "Find Your Happy Place" .. which I really love :)

So as you can see I have now actually finished ALL the inside of the design.. EEEEEeeekkkkk!!! Super excited about that!  All I have left to do is the border.. 

Sorry its not a very clear or particular nice un-creased photo... thought you all might cut me a little slack there at the moment?  I will when feeling better make sure the next lot of full length photo's are much better :)

But its brilliant.. I adore it .. It will have pride and place on my wall.  It means so much as when I stitch it truly is my happy place and everything is so much better ...and yes I smile more!  So you see its simply perfect for me! :)

Oh I have not forgotten about my recently finished Robin stitch... I just cannot 'finish' it at the moment as just am not 'feeling' the sewing machine at the moment.  I am hoping once I feel better I can just hop on it and sew away :)  So its on hold for just a little while...

I am taking it day by day... 

Trying to stay positive and keep smiling.. that is me!


Best I go for now...

Thank You all again for being so nice :)



  1. I hope you start feeling better soon. What a perfect piece for you to be working on!

  2. Jacquie, it's not easy living with *any* illnes... More so one that has such a debilitating effect on your life. My mum goes for iron injections every month at the hospital....that and vitamin B. Don't be too hard on yourself if you can't do everything that you want to....just breathe and deal with things when you can.
    I don't know much about this, but have you thought about alternative medicine for Han's condition? Specifically acupuncture? I've heard that it can have some positive effects on pain management....may not be able to cure but it helps relieve pain. Ayurvedic medicine has been practiced for centuries and I know our western doctors mostly pull their noses up at it but what little I've read seems to point to this as being a very good and real form of medicine. I do hope that the hospital gets back to you soon xxx
    Lovely stitching....and oh such true words!!

  3. It's good to hear you're staying so positive. I hope you very thing turns out okay!

  4. I hope you get well soonu dear x

  5. gorgeous stitches there my dear and love the saying :) and so sorry about the news re Han ... I have acupuncture ... go next Friday through pain management and for me it does help ....and I know when I near to being due it .... hope they get you sorted out with the injections soon too ... give them a prod and say you not forgot about me have you love mouse xxxxx

  6. You take your stitching....x

  7. So sorry to hear about Han - and you. Take care - I hope you can get the iron shots soon.

  8. I am so sorry to read of your ongoing iron deficiency/weakness. I wish they would get a move on with helping you.
    As to Han and Jon. Sigh. I know all too well about being told " You have to live with this." Pain is so very, very hard to live with day in and out. You "look" normal, so people assume it cannot be that bad. WRONG!
    I love your sampler!!! It is soooo you!

  9. Love your Happy Place cross stitch. It is just beautiful and it makes me happy to just look at it. Wishing you improvement on your health. Take care.

  10. fabulous stitching and seems so fitting for you. So sorry to read about Han and Jon's health issues.

  11. Hope you feel better soon. I too suffer from back pain and mine has been diagnosed as degenerative spondalosis. It sounds similar to what you described. I also am suffering from an injury that crushed my right arm. Everything from finger tips to shoulder. It was temporarily paralized but after four surgeries, three plates, 20 screws and lots of continuing therapy I have some small movement back. I love my crafts and I'm not letting it hold me down. I may be slow now but I do what I can. Hang in there!

  12. Beautiful crosses !!!
    Jaqui, can do so much, despite the disease embroider take care of Han and Jon !!!
    I admire you and I wish you a lot of optimism !!! He also treats:-))

  13. Lovely stitching Jacquie. Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way.


  14. Oh I hope you get the call to the hospital for the injections soon......thoughts are with you all!!
    Your stitching is absolutely beautiful!! Well done you!!

  15. Beautiful stitching! Love the colour you chose :)


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