Friday, 5 December 2014

Online Christmas Advent Calendar Day 5...

Hello and welcome to the Online Christmas Advent Calendar Day 5 (Blog Hop)... organized by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching ..

I would like to introduce myself to those who are new to my blog.. or just popping in today :)

Well I am a happy, smiley adventurous kind of person that loves to experiment and try new craft things.  I currently cross stitch ans sew... and dabble in a few other things too.  I will try anything as long as its fun and makes me happy. 

For me to participate in this wonderful Christmas Advent Calendar blog hop I have to ooooh show you some wonderful Christmassy (love that word) things :)  And answer a question...

Here are some Christmassy things I have stitched...

This is from my favorite designer.. Blue Ribbon Designs and LOVE everything that Belinda designs.

This is a Prairie Schooler Design ... I only very recently found Prairie Schooler designs.with Thanks to Frances :)

Another Prairie Schooler Design... they are just timeless..

This was a special design created just for me!  I know!!  It was designed by Gaynor from Stitchers Anon.  

This is another new designer I have only very recently discovered... Its a Heart in Hand Design called "Christmas Alphabet".. lol Thanks to Frances again!! :)

My post before this one.. the 4 th December is all about this project.. sorry I posted this post th December slightly early as I did not want any one to think I had forgotten what with all the different time zones....

And the back of it :)

A lovely friend ... and I have become to know many lovely friends here is blog land.. Frances sent me the most wonderful Christmas ornament and it was she that sparked my interest in lots of lovely designers and making ornaments.

Here is the one she sent me...

The question is...

What is the best Christmas present I have ever received?  

  I thought about this question for some time.. over the years as a child I have had the best ever Christmases.  Growing up and living in Germany was amazing and I loved it.

But I thought I would tell you all about a brilliant Christmas present I actually only got about 5 years ago.

Should give you all some back ground...

For years and I mean years I have always wanted my own sewing machine.  As a child I have watched my mum make things and really enjoy this too.  I can recall her even making me clothes as a child.. ha ha visions of the Von Trap children come to mind.. but oh no, they were really lovely things, dresses and skirts.  Later I see her making curtains and recovering chairs.. so naturally I wanted to follow in her footsteps and have a go myself!

But like I say for years and years I asked, Christmas after Christmas hoping one year that someone would buy me one.  They never did... 

Oh this is not a sad story and not the end yet...

So it was about 5 years ago... out of the blue whilst at my parents home celebrating Christmas I was given a large box.  Now I really had no idea what it was...  I only got as far as ripping off the top bit of Christmas paper.... then I just sat there and cried my eyes out.  Even recalling this now brings happy tears back to me.  See for all those years wanting a sewing machine then to be given one... I was very over whelmed.  Yes once the tears stopped rolling down my face I then proceeded to scream the house down!! ha ha shreeking OMG I have a sewing machine!

Oh but the story does not end there!

Yes I was thrilled to have a sewing machine now... but the sad thing is for the past 4 years its been tucked away in the cupboard or in a box when I have moved.  See I did not have the confidence to use it, I did not want to do things wrong.

It was not until the start of this year ..2014 that my mum and I got together and she sat for hours showing me how to use my sewing machine.  I need a little more hands on and guidance when it comes to learning new things.. see if your not aware I have specific learning difficulties... dyspraxia, dyslexia and dyscalculia too... but after many hours I picked it up :)  And the more time I spend on it, the better I will get.  

So yes the best Christmas present I have ever got was the sewing machine my mum bought me.  And my confidence keeps growing as I do use it all the time now :)

That is it! 
Lovely that you have popped in to see me... feel free to leave a comment :)

And I hope to see you again soon :)

Happy stitching and smiles to you all :)

I have not forgotten about Friday Night With Friends.. I will make my next post for this... and show you all what I have been up to :)


  1. Well I think you have done fantastically well with your sewing despite your learning difficulties...I find I learn best from someone showing me what to do...seems to sink in faster for me!!! You have some beautiful Christmas stitcheries.

  2. So many Christmas stitches~ Be true to your elf is cute :D

  3. love the wee ornaments ..... and how lovely re the sewing machine .... I started my sewing carer on a singer hand machine and a treadle .... electric ones scared me for years now I still have the hand ones but have a lovely Janome sewing machine and and overlocker too :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Lovely Christmas stitching, and how wonderful that you are finally getting to grips with your sewing machine

  5. Love all the Chrismassy-ness (a new word for you :D) that you've got on display here!
    Was lovely reading your story too. I was very much in the same hubby gave me a sewing machine a few years ago and I too doubted myself and it just sat in a corner....until this year!!

  6. Great Christmas themed finishes :)

  7. Thanks for taking part in this year's Hop. I love the ornies you have shown, and made a little collage for your day!
    Your present story is great too. I think the real gift was the lessons your Mum gave you. Anyone could have bought the machine but only your Mum took the time to teach you to use it.

  8. Wonderful ornaments. Your gift was truly a best gift!

  9. Beautiful ornaments. Thank you for sharing your story ")

  10. I love your best present story Jacquie. :)

  11. Love all the Christmas stitches.

  12. Lovely Christmas stitching and a sewing machine is a great present x

  13. Hello I hopped by on the blog hop. Love your ornaments they are beautiful! Love your story about your sewing machine. I need to dig mine out and make some things but I'm the same way I don't have the confidence.

  14. Wow !!! Jacquie, so many Christmas stitches!
    Your story about the sewing machine is nice and helpful!
    I admire your patience and willingness to learn everything !!!!!!!!

  15. All your stitching is awesome. Lovely story about the sewing machine.


  16. Beautiful Christmas stitching.

  17. That little ELF ornament is so cute!
    Love ti!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

  18. Hi! Your stitching is lovely & I really enjoyed your story about your favorite gift : ) I'm so glad that your mother sat down with you & showed you how to use your sewing machine. I am excited to read that you were born & grew up in Germany. My husband & I would live there if we could : ) I wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas!

  19. A lovely story, very special.

  20. I love all your Christmas stitches and the finished ones look great!

    I received a sewing machine too one year, but so far only have made a duvet cover & pillowcase...

  21. Wow! Such a great story, Jacquie and I love your Chrissie ornaments, too.

  22. So many beautiful ornaments! Merry Christmas!

  23. Great to visit you for the Blog Hop, love everyone story and all ornaments shown. Merry Christmas Joyeux Noël. Amitiés

  24. Beautiful ornaments. It is wonderful the way that stitchers share their love of the craft by showcasing new designers to each other. Just a pity we can't gift each other more time to complete all the lovely designs there are out there. I love your story about the sewing machine and hope that you continue to grow in confidence as you use it

  25. Love the ornaments and the sweet story. Look forward to seeing what you make with your machine!


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