Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve....

Hello wonderful Friends...

Today is rather a special day as its mine and Jon's Anniversary... 5 years today we have been married :)

We chose Christmas eve as its such a special time of year and ha ha its a day could remember!! ha ah ha

We out for our traditional Christmas eve dinner with Han, mum and dad this evening... to an Indian restaurant we really love.

Travelling to the restaurant, Han in the boot!

She took the photo as she felt like she was on the back seat of a roller coaster! ha aha a

Here is the 'after' photo...

Jon at the end there... next to my mum... dad was opposite Jon and I was sitting next to mum and Han opposite me.

Got to show you all the difference in mine and Han's Korma...

Mine on the right.... I have no chicken!! They make just the sauce for me as I really like it!  I eat it with a little white rice and a nan bread... mmmmm

So yes that was our meal this evening... we have not long been back.

Tomorrow is Christmas Day... WOW!! Do you think that has come around a bit quick?  I do!

Oooh must show you all some 'cute' things I spotted in the local garden center today when we went out for coffee.

How cute it this!?  A black poodle... Vickie, cute you think?

I saw this too!!! OMG!! There was this one and a slightly bigger one too.... I think its AWESOME!!

And me with the guinea pig from pets corner! ha ha its not real! lol

Yes I know I am silly... could not help myself!

Ok moving along....

A few days ago, and yes I am sorry I have been AWOL... back now! :)

And well I had a delivery from the post man... a little while ago I sent some really cute adorable poodle buttons off to sweet Vickie with a card made by me. Vickie very kindly sent me something in return, Thank You :) xx

A really pretty Christmas card, I just love the color of it.... OH yes and some of her adorable pins too, I am so very spoilt by her :)

Vickie very kindly included one of her tea's.. now I love herbal tea, I love to try new ones.. this one smells divine and tastes really good too :)

And OH MY!! Look at this adorable cute design she also included..

I love it!!!
Not seen this one before so its extra special, Thank You :) xx

As for me.. yes I have been stitching...

Cannot show you all as its the final Round Robin stitch!  I finished it, ha a cannot post it yet, something called Christmas is in the way! 

I plan on stitching a few things over Christmas, ha ha we shall see if they actually get done or not!?

I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of happy smiles :)

Ok so I am off to put a carrot and mince pie out for Santa and Rudolf now!  

I saw this and thought of our dear 'mouse'...

Oooh yes before I forget... a house near where I live put up some Christmas lights, I wanted to share them all with you :)

How wonderful are they!!! 

The owner puts them up every year and people come to see them, he leaves a charity box outside... and people generously give money to his chosen charity.  Such a wonderful thing to do..

OK... best go or Santa will be here soon!!!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas :)



  1. Happy Annv and Merry Christmas

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Jon!
    Merry Christmas*

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love the sheep! So cute!

  4. Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays.

  5. Happy Anniversary , lovely post hugs .

  6. Happy anniversary and merry Christmas, I hope you had a lovely day. X

  7. Happy anniversary to you and Jon...looks like your meal out was wonderful! Oh I think you need one of those sheep!!

  8. Happy Anniversary Jacquie and Jon! Yes! Yes! The garden poodle is wonderful! So is that sheep!! I am glad you like your gifts Jacquie. :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and Jon, looks like you had a lovely day.
    Vickie's gift is lovely too, something else for Gifted Gorgeousness!


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