Monday, 8 December 2014


Hello my lovely friends...

Yes I have gone all festive on you today!

Hmmm best tel you all what happened yesterday :(  Well Han and I decided to walk around the corner from our home to the local shop to go buy some milk..

Bad mistake!!

Oh my :(

Well we literally just stepped on the pavement outside my home and I some how lost my footing and fell over.  I mean it was an epic fall.. I fell over fresh air!!  Luckily our car it situated right next to the curb outside our home.  I found myself in a heap leaning on the bonnet of the car.. in agony!!  

There was no ice, no frost.. it was not slippy... I just fell! ha ha I blame my dyspraxia as in our family its well known that I 'fall' over a lot.  I made my way back inside and and after putting my foot up phoned my mum to let her know.. ha ha she asked if I was going down A&E!! ha ah a See I usually do!! ha ah a  I am and have been resting my foot.. 

But yes I did have to go out today...

See I spoke with Jo.. you know from Serendipitous Stitching...and she had THE most amazing idea how to finish my latest stitching know the one with the robins?  So I have been out and about getting the bits...

B&Q for some erm... wooden bits!

And then here... Hobbycraft .. notice its dark!!

On the way home, look... some random house we passed!

And this,... ha ha a Han trying to take another photo of a house with lights when I was driving!

We have said .. when we are out again and its dark... we will try to take some more random photo's of houses with lights on.

Here is my latest stitch.. finished :)

Just some of the photo's I really like from my journey making this ...

My booklet I bought in Germany and love it lots... some have asked where to get one..

I have looked about and you can get it in Sew & Sew... HERE

I really really enjoyed stitching this and you never know I may even stitch something else from the booklet.

You may of seen already if you have visited June's blog... I sent her Round Robin design.. 

Here it is...
Its a Lesley Teare design.. if you want to know more information and see more photo's I have put them all in the tab at the top in ROUND ROBIN 2014

OH My!! Yes...

Forgot to show you all our tree...

Lol yes this was taken outside when we came back from our little outing to get supplies!

Its rather large as you can see...
Maybe on my next post I will show you all the inside... and I bet you will ALL be shocked!! ;)

One last thing to show you all.. well actually I cannot really show you all!! 

I am very overwhelmed by this...
Last year I was really quite upset as no one in my family bought me anything stitching, no cross stitch things.. no thread.. no, really nothing.  And it did really upset me... see stitching is for me a lovely thing to do and I enjoy it.
So well... Thank You to Mouse who very kindly sent me this parcel out of the blue to make me smile... a Christmas gift.  That is right!! I am not allowed to open it until 25th December.. I AM THRILLED!!
And very overwhelmed as this year I have a stitching gift... to open on Christmas day :)

I opened the card.. its so lovely..

I have to just if I may say one more thing....

Thank You to all of you who comment on my blog.. I LOVE to read your comments :)

Smiles to you all :) 



  1. I am sorry you got hurt Jacquie!
    What lovely stitching and a wonderful thing for Mouse to do!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad fall. Hope your foot heals quickly. Great job on the birds and the RR.

  3. Oh my--I hope you are feeling better after your fall. Your stitching is so lovely!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has that talent of tripping on air. I hope you feel better though. That's a big tree I'm sure it will look great decorated!

  5. Oh no!! Sending you hugs sweet Jacquie! Hope your feeling better. The bird sampler you stitched is so beautiful! love Annette

  6. Hope your foot is not too bad today.
    Looking forward to seeing your tree from the inside.

  7. Hope you're ok!!
    Looking forward to see how you finish your lovely cross stitch.

  8. Ouchie Jacqui! Hope that you're not too badly hurt!
    I'm really curious about the purpose of your visit to those shops....what are you making??
    Love your robin stitch!

  9. Oh dear! I hope you're okay! I am still so in love with those robins. The lights were pretty! I've still got to get mine up!!

  10. thanks for the information on how to get that book of yours with the robins in it. I just popped over and ordered it for myself. thanks again. hugs Lynda Ruth Can't wait to see your tree.

  11. Jacquie, please, watch for yourselves!
    I want to be able to write and embroider:-))
    I love your blog:-))

  12. Love this post so very much! It's a happy, busy and inspiring one for sure. I love your stitching with the birds. You keep that foot up and be ever so careful. I love the colors you chose for your flowers stitching also. A very Merry Christmas to you!

  13. Ouch!! You really must take care of yourself!
    I'm glad you liked my idea and found a different shop to visit. The Robin design is so lovely, the red looks great on that fabric.
    Presents from Mouse are always exciting and worth waiting a few days to open, you won't be disappointed.


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