Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Its finished.....

Hello my wonderful happy blogging friends.....

Yes today is the 2nd (just got in there!) of December 2014...

Do you like today's Yankee candle treat?  It smells divine :)

As you have probably guessed I have finished my 'pink' stitch... 

The design is called "Welcome" from New York Dreamer designed by Ezia Gladstone.

Here is what it looks like on the chart photo...

Here is my journey...

And now its finished!

I really enjoyed this project.. it was the first time I have stitched on gingham aida.  It was 14 count aida so really easy to do, I thought the pink squares might of distracted me.. but I was fine :)

Its just so adorable and I think I may have to stitch some other 'pink' and lilac/purple things to go with it.  And then maybe make a kind of patchwork with it?  Its an idea!

Some of you may have popped over already?  And some very kindly reminded me about it too...

Have you popped over to Jenny's blog?  

Oh my!! You really must!  So many wonderful treats there.. I popped in there today and a really beautiful tutorial is available showing how to make vintage style bunting.  Its really cute and looks OK even for me to make! ha h a

Maybe I will have a go at it.. Han has been 0n at me to make some for ages!

HERE is the link to go visit Jenny :)

Oh my!! Yes!!

Did you know that this Friday is the last Friday Night With Friends in 2014??

If you would like to join in, pop along HERE to see Cheryll and sign up for the night :)

I have joined in on quite a few now and think its really great... it actually fascinates me thinking that whilst I am stitching or making something.. all over the world in different houses there are others doing the same thing!

And not only that... see we all post what we have been up to on that Friday and the best bit of all... hop hop and hop around to see what everyone has been up to!  It s brilliant!!

And OH!! hmm the last one for 2014.. now that sounds so odd!  I mean we are not that far off 2015 now are we?!  WOW!! 

I notice I have some new followers... Hello :) 

Thank You so much for becoming a merry follower... and feel free to leave a comment as you wish :)

So... now that I have finished my latest stitching project... I bet your all wondering what I will be up to next?  Yes... maybe something festive?  Do you think?  Not too large a project or I will not see it done this Christmas! ha ha  

I love to know what your all doing.. feel free to give me some inspiration :)

OK.... going now :)

Smiles and happy stitching to you all :)



  1. Your pink stitching is beautiful!! Oh I love your candle advent calender....have just been burning a cinnamon one here....was wonderful!! Oh I wonder what you will do next...I
    think something along a Christmas theme! Happy stitching!

  2. The stitching is beautiful and I'm glad my eyes wasn't playing tricks on me with the squares on the material you stitched on lol and I'll join in on the sew in :-)

  3. Congrats on the cute finish Jacquie.


  4. That's such an awesome advent calendar! The stitching is beautiful I love the pink. Blue is my favorite color but I like yours much better :)

  5. This candle advent calendar is really special.
    Congratulations on your finished piece.

  6. Your finish came out so cute on that pink gingham Aida. Nice job!

  7. Both your advent calendar candle and your finished project look delicious. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Great finish ☺ Have a stitch-tastic day!

  9. it looks very cute on that fabric.

  10. I've never seen a candle advent calendar--what a great gift idea! And your new pink stitch is darling :)

  11. Candle? This is not yummy:-)
    Today it Ignite, it's a nice atmosphere:-)
    Pink stitching is beautiful, the finish I'm curious:-)))

  12. Super pink stitching, very pretty


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